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From: "valerie bower" <>
Subject: Re: CONVICTS
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 11:37:13 +1000

I suggest you read "The Fatal Shore" by Robert Hughes. That will tell
you all you need to know about the penal colony of Sydney!
Val Bower Sydney
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From: Chris Collin <>
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Date: Wednesday, 23 August 2000 11:52
Subject: Re: CONVICTS

>Andy & Mary McKinlay wrote:
>> Sorry Anne but I beg to differ about your explanation of Tasmania
being the
>> first place to which convicts were sent.
>> I usually keep a fairly low profile but I could not let this gross
>> inaccuracy pass by.
>> I do not know to what extent Listers are interested but I will give
you a
>> brief history .
>> New South Wales was the first colony established by Great Britain-
>> reason being that transportation of criminals began early in the
>> century when they were removed to plantations in America and
treated as
>> slaves. The American revolution in 1776 put a stop to
transportation to this
>> country.
>Most intersting reply, but wrong, wrong, wrong! :)
>When I was posted to Gander Newfoundland, I participated in a parade
for the
>450th anniversary of Sir Humphrey Gilbert's (Sir Walter Raleigh's
>entry into what became St. John's harbour. He claimed the land for
England, the
>year being 1532. Of course, the fact that Spanish and Portugese
fishermen had
>been using the harbour almost certainly even before Columbus's voyage
did not
>deter him!
>I'm not sure why English convicts were sent to Australia rather than
Canada -
>with the climate here, it would be a much worse place to be sent I
should think!
>Chris Collin, Gloucester Ontario Canada
>Searching COLLIN, NW Essex 1400-1900

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