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From: "Anne Major" <>
Subject: Re: CONVICTS
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 16:02:58 +1000

Hi Mary,
I stand corrected!!! I'm really glad that you have given the proper story
so well, I have just learnt a lot, sorry I got it all wrong. The bit about
the church is what we were told last year so I thought it was right, and we
were also told that Sarah Island was the first place convicts were taken to.
Maybe I didn't listen properly and they meant when convicts were sent to
Tasmania. We also spent a wonderful hour on Sarah Island, we thought it
was going to be boring, but the man who did the tour was brilliant and
brought it all to life, how awful it must have all been. We also went up
the Gordon River, such a beautiful river it took our breath away, we could
not believe the reflections.
I think I'll stick to English history in future!!!!
Anne - Oz (but not Oz!!)
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From: Andy & Mary McKinlay <>
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Date: Sunday, 20 August 2000 1:39

>Sorry Anne but I beg to differ about your explanation of Tasmania being the
>first place to which convicts were sent.
>I usually keep a fairly low profile but I could not let this gross
>inaccuracy pass by.
>I do not know to what extent Listers are interested but I will give you a
>brief history .
>New South Wales was the first colony established by Great Britain- the
>reason being that transportation of criminals began early in the 17th
>century when they were removed to plantations in America and treated as
>slaves. The American revolution in 1776 put a stop to transportation to
>Britain was very alarmed that they would be over run with crime,gaols were
>crowded etc. armed men attacking in the streets and wild disorder occurred
>in the streets of London therefore the Government resolved to establish a
>penal colony at Botany Bay New South Wales.
>First fleet of convict ships left England on May 13th 1787 and anchored at
>Botany Bay on January 20th,1788. The ships Sirius and Supply,three
>storeships and six transports. Expedition under the command of Captain
>Arthur Phillip. It comprised of 757 convicts (192 women and 18 children).
>Phillip became first governor of the new settlement. Hunter succeeded him
>1795 and in 1800 CaptainKing became Governor. During adminstration by
>Governor King ,Van Dieman's Land (now Tasmania) was settled and occupied as
>a dependency of New South Wales.
>The reason being to relieve Port Jackson (New South Wales) of the most
>dangerous and riotous of the convicts.
>In 1790 Governor Philip sent 183 convicts,28 children and 81 marines to
>Norfolk Island from Sydney Cove in New South Wales.This was the worst penal
>colony that ever existed. (I have spent a lot of time on Norfolk Island
>NOT as a convict!)
>The first British occupants of Van Dieman's Land entered the Derwent from
>Sydney in the year 1803 under the command of Lieutenant John Bowen and he
>was ordered to form a settlement. He did this at Risdon Cove (which
>incidentally ,the land has now been given back to the Aborigines).
>In 1804 Lieutenant Colonel David Collins and party arrived in the Lady
>Nelson and Ocean. The vessels anchored in Sullivan's Cove and Collins
>on the spot where Hobart now stands. He fixed a site for the town and named
>it after Lord Hobart who was at the time Secretary of State for War and the
>Colonies. He found Bowens earlier party in a piteable state and almost
>starving. Collins relieved this situation.
>I do not know if you would like to read more. (I have studied early
>Tasmanian history and am a sixth generation Tasmanian. My Great
>being Lieutenant Governor and Chief Justice.
>Sarah Island by the way is an island at the mouth of the Macquarie Harbour,
>a larger Harbour than Sydney. The cruise ships these days pass by there to
>take tourists on the Gordon River Cruise which is World Heritage area.
>The church at Port Arthur is still a church even though it was never
>consecrated . It was never consecrated because a murder was perpetrated
>there before it was completed HOWEVER it was used for the Memorial Service
>when Martin Bryant massacred thirty five persons about five years ago at
>Port Arthur site. No doubt you all would have read about this terrible act
>of senseless destruction.
> In the 1850's convicts ceased to be sent to Van Dieman's Land and this was
>one reason,to mark the occasion, why V.D.L. was renamed Tasmania.
>Let me know if you want any more history!
>Regards Mary

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