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From: Eldridge Keith <>
Subject: RE: Name vs address
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 09:09:20 +0100

Dorothy < > wrote :

> Is there any way that I could find out if a person by the
> surname of "Pitch" lives at 54 Perrymans Farm Road, Ilford,
> Essex. or The Burgalow Perkins Road, Ilford, Essex ????

British Telecom's PhoneNetUK < > has a list of
phone numbers and addresses for most people in the UK. This only lists the
named persons by whom the phone is registered and excludes all those who
have requested to be ex-directory. Info Disk < > has
more names (compiled from the electoral registers), but tends to be a bit
out-of-date (and is not currently working).

The local library will hold copies of the electoral registers, so everyone
who is eligible to vote should be in there.

--Keith Elmo ELDRIDGE
--Manchester, England.
--Listowner Essex-UK-L

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