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From: Peter Whybrow <>
Subject: Re: Commonwealth War Graves
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 07:29:05 +0000

Dear Jean and colleagues:
At 07.30 today the CWGC website had the message -

"The Commission and the site manager CCTA Government Information Service
apologise for the continued absence of the site. There remains a technical
problem related to the Web Site Server which only became apparent after the
system went live. Whilst CCTA and their business partners continue to work
strenuously to resolve this difficulty we are, as yet, unable to state when
the Debt of Honour Register will become available again. We thank you for
your continued patience and assure you that the site will be restored to
full functionality as soon as possible. Notice placed on 14.00 GMT 17

It seems they either underestimated the demand upon their server whose hard
disk must be red-hot or that there is a bug in their search programme. A
not dissimilar problem here caused much technical discussion and,
importantly, took some time to rectify and new server software had to be

Regarding what information the site will give. My impression from the
publicity was that after entering the name and birthdate of an individual
only his/her date of death and burial place would be given. Important
information that used available (is it still?) by 'phoning CWGC such as
next of kin and their place of residence is, I think, not provided.

Best wishes,
Peter J Whybrow

At 21:07 17/11/1998 +0000, you wrote:
> Did anyone every manage to get through to the Commonwealth War
>Graves Commission website to make an enquiry re an ancestor? The latest
>message posted on the Website says that it has been closed down
>indefinitely due to problems. They are no longer even suggesting a
>possible date when it will be up & running again. I would like to know
>what sort of details were on it. Do I have something to look forward to
>if the Website is ever up & running again or was it just basic stuff
>about names, dates & places. I wasted many hours trying to get onto the
>website last week - as did thousands of others, so it would seem.
> Jean
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