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From: Ingrid Billings <>
Subject: Re: LDS CDs
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 21:53:13 +0100

In message <>, P R Bailey
<> writes
>What a lot of guff you lot go on about the LDS and their CDs . They have
>spent hundreds of hours preparing these discs and are prepared to make them
>available at a most reasonable price . Where else can any thing that
>contains so much FH information be purchased so cheaply.
>If there are supply problems I think we should sit back and wait patiently
>then be very grateful when the discs do eventually arrive.
>The Australian Vital Records is not available for sale in Australia, not
>because of the LDS but because the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT imposed that
>condition on prior to releasing their copyright on the Statistics.
>Dont attack the LDS, attack the Money grabbing Australian Government who
>sell basically the same discs in Australia for about $AU1500.
>I am not a Mormon , just appreciative of the work they do and their
>willingness to share it.
>Phil Bailey <> Sydney, Australia
OK I qualify sort of on two or more counts
my husband is a programmer and ok a lot of work is done (to say the
least he knows how hard it is.) and its sold very cheaply for the
hourly rate worked. The other I AM a member of The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon). Yes I helped with a little with
the 1881 (absolutely lousy writing to transcribe). Tithing does get
paid. That bit of it over ..
Why can't we all be treated the same they know that the CDs etc. will
sell not left on the shelf and we should all be treated the same not
just cause it is SLC Conference all there. There are over 10 million
members all over the world not just in SLC or Utah. (sorry to offend I
have friends and family there). we are a world wide Church and do so
much in respect of Family History. For members and non alike.
Now to get off my soapbox. A high target is easy to hit with incoming.

'Prepare Thyself and the Opportunity Will Come'

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