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From: Chris Collin <>
Subject: Re: LDS CDs
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 16:23:50 -0400

P R Bailey wrote:
> What a lot of guff you lot go on about the LDS and their CDs . They have
> spent hundreds of hours preparing these discs and are prepared to make them
> available at a most reasonable price . Where else can any thing that
> contains so much FH information be purchased so cheaply.

> I am not a Mormon , just appreciative of the work they do and their
> willingness to share it.
> Phil Bailey <> Sydney, Australia

One of the chaps I work with was until recently the director of an LDS
Family History Center. He was telling me that the various fees and such
don't even cover all the costs! Mailing films from Salt Lake, handling,
customs etc. all costs more than they charge.

Chris Collin, not a Mormon, but another very appreciative amateur

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