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From: Maurine Ward <>
Subject: LDS CDs
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 09:48:55 -0700

I live in the UK and have ordered the British Isles Vital Records on CD as
>has been advertised on this list recently. I too have been told that
>delivery will take at least SIX WEEKS. How then are US citizens able to buy
>the CDs NOW.
>By what method is LDS sending the shipment. To take six weeks it must be by
>rowing boat I should imagine.
>Please can someone tell me why we have to wait so long?
>Jan Kennedy (Philippe)

Dear Philippe, Wally, and others:

I don't know why it takes so long for the mail to get there, or what time
frame people in the US are given for delivery. I just happened to be in
Salt Lake yesterday and went to the LDS Distribution Center and picked the
CD's up.

According to what I have been told:
The Vital Records Index British Isles is $15.00 and has 5 CDs. The
information on it is basically from extraction of records. Only about 6% of
this information is currently on the IGI, so most of it is new. There is a
3-page listing of parishes and shires contained in this initial set of CDs,
but I haven't looked at it yet. There is also a map at the Distribution
with colored markers on all the places included in the CDs. I'm also told
that there will be much more information coming, whether as upgrades to
these CDs or new ones.

The Vital Records Index Australian contains 4 CDs and is $20.00. It is an
indexed collection of references to 4.8 million birth,
christening,marriage, and death records. It covers the states of New South
Wales (1788-1888), Tasmania (1803-1899), Victoria (1837-1888), and Western
Australia (1841-1905). It does not include the states of Queensland, South
Australia, or the Northern Territory.

I'm also told that the 1881 British Isles Census is due out from LDS on
CDs, hopefully this year.

Maurine Carr Ward
Hyrum, Utah, USA

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