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From: "David.Turnidge" <>
Subject: Re: Genealogy sites.
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 07:45:50 -0700

Dear Kathryn,

The type of unsolicited mail you receive is most likely Bulk e-mail and
spamming. Most pop 3 servers have anti- spam software installed and I am sure
that Essex rootsweb have anti- spam software installed.
However, there is a lot of anti-spam software available, much of it FREE
I won't envoke your wrath by Advertising any particular program but would advise
you to use any of the recognised search engines to search for "Anti-spam"

Hopefully, this should reduce your flood of unsolicited mail. Internic does have
regulations to outlaw bulk e-mailing but a number of firms use anonymous
addresses so you can't even tell where the messages have come from.

Unfortunately, I have 10 e-mail addresses so when I get a bulk e-mail I'm really
pi$$ed off



Paul & Kathryn Lucas wrote:

> Just to clarify a couple of things.
> The previous message re the above was written by Kathryn Lucas only. Paul
> Lucas was in no way involved.
> I stand by my comments re putting on material other than genealogy.
> I am forever deleting items of unsolicited material from my emails each
> day. Some unsolicited material is very objectionable. We have all been
> asked to buy this and that re getting rid of computer viruses etc. Nothing
> personal against Janette but if one person is allowed unsolicited material
> than everyones else can.
> Kathryn

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