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Subject: Re: re:[EOLFHS] Watney Street School?
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 18:38:13 +0700
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I can remember in the 1960's there were two schools close to Watney Street (if you walked down through the market from Commercial Road). One was straight through and then turn right along Cable Street. This school was Nathaniel Heckford. It was set back behind some houses and you had to enter through an alley between two houses in Cable Street. The other was closer to Watney Market, and might have been in Tarling Street. It might have been demolished for Tower Hamlets girls school.


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From: Nanny
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Subject: Re: re:[EOLFHS] Watney Street School?

Hi Pauline
My mum is staying with me at the moment aged 84. She remembers Watney
market quite plainly but has no recollection of a school but then Mum was
from Bermondsey. Dad was from Strepney and went to school in Stepney. He
probably would have known more but unfortunately he died back in 1990. Mum
was interested to know your mum's name. My dad was Samuel (Sammy) Stevens
and mum was Lilian Nosworthy.
When I can get to my geneology box I'll look up the local map to see if I
can identify a school for you. I have my dad's younger brothers and sister
still around so they may be able to help. Best wishes Josie Miell (nee
Stevens) member 3470

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Subject: re:[EOLFHS] Watney Street School?

> Hello
> Can someone help my elderly mother please? In 1920's she was living in
West Ferry Road, Poplar. She had to catch a bus to Stepney, and walk through
Watney market to get to school. She is confused as to why none of her
siblings went to this School.
> Anyone any idea of the name and type of school this was?
> Thanks,
> Pauline

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