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Dear Linda, I cetainly owe you an apology, because I'm refering to TWO
different people, one who said he was born in Coventry on 10 November 1792;
and one born about 20 or 30 years later and claimed to have been from
Todmorden. Both came to Salem, Massachusetts, and appear to have been
related somehow, but I can't imagine how. There's plenty of confusion here,
and I'm trying to unravel this mystery. All good wishes, Mary Jane Phillips
in New York City. .
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> Mary Jane,
> What makes you think this man was in Todmorden if he was born in Coventry?
> There were very few Spencers in Todmorden itself, although there are some
> baptisms, burials and marriages at Heptonstall Church, which is a few
> miles
> away. There are none in the Todmorden churches at the time you are talking
> about.
> Kind Regards,
> Linda
> www.todmordenandwalsden.co.uk
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