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Subject: Re: [PETERBRO] Robert MILLER, Gentleman Will - lots of names
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On re-reading your message, and noting the date of John Turnel's will, I
think it likely that my John Turnel is in fact your John Turnel the younger.

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Subject: [PETERBRO] Robert MILLER, Gentleman Will - lots of names

> Hello Listers,
> I have been looking at the lengthy Will of Robert MILLER, Gentleman of
> Northamptonshire PRO 11/1426 dated 20 March 1804. It is very much a
> coincidence that I should read it for the first time exactly 204 years
> later! This Will and the Will of John TURNEL The Elder Farmer of
> Eastfield,
> Peterborough PRO 11/1605 dated 5 September 1805 have a number of common
> bequests, and the Turnel Will indicating one to his daughter Ann WOOLLEY,
> Widow of John Woolley is sufficient for me to conclude that John Turnel
> the
> Elder was my GGGGG Grandfather, and that Robert Miller was his Brother in
> Law. The IGI records a marriage between John Turnell and Anne Miller on 19
> December 1753 at St Michaels, Stamford, Lincolnshire. Obviously this
> marriage needs confirming.
> Given that both Wills mention the same names the connection is obvious, so
> I
> am listing them here in case anyone recognises any of them.
> The MILLER Will, mentions bequests to his Wife Mary, Son Robert and
> Daughter
> Elizabeth, Brothers Jonathan MILLER Gentleman of Market Deeping, George
> MILLER Gentleman of Peterborough, Friends Matthew WILKINSON, Gentleman of
> Peterborough and William CRISP of Peterborough, and Kinsmen and Kinswomen
> (it is unfortunate that he did not choose to list the full relationships!)
> Ann WOOLLEY, Susannah CUE, John TURNELL the Younger, Mary BROOKSOP, the
> Wife
> of Samuel BROOKSOP, John YOUDD the Elder of Market Deeping, Mary YOUDD,
> Ann
> YOUDD, Robert YOUDD, George YOUDD, Susannah ARNOLD the Wife of John ARNOLD
> of Swaford, Lincolnshire, and John Kitchen MILLER, Sister Ann TURNELL of
> Eastfield, Peterborough, Sister Mary YOUDD of Potton Bedfordshire, Cousin
> Thomas MILLER of Wisbech and Nephew John TURNELL the Younger.
> The TURNEL Will indicates that he had land at Eastfield, Newark and
> Dogsthorpe and gives bequests to his Wife Ann TURNELL, Son John TURNELL
> the
> Younger, Daughters Ann WOLLEY, Widow of John WOOLLEY, Susannah CUE Widow
> of
> John CUE and Mark BROOKSOP the Wife of Samuel BROOKSOP, Grandchildren John
> WOOLLEY, Jane SMITH the Wife of John SMITH, Mary WOOLLEY, Robert WOOLLEY,
> William WOOLLEY, George WOOLLEY, the children of Ann WOOLLEY,
> Grandchildren
> John CUE, William CUE, Mary PEARSON or PARRY the Wife of blankspace PARSON
> or PARRY (I think!), Jonathan CUE the children of Susannah CUE.
> Legacies in both Wills were substantial for the day, the MILLER ones
> particularly large - annuities from invested sums measured in thousands of
> pounds. Furthermore with Robert MILLER's death being noted in The
> Gentleman's Magazine, I am hopeful that he left a good paper trail. Has
> anyone come across him, his brother Jonathan or any of the other names
> mentioned? I already have pieced together the family of Ann WOOLLEY and
> have
> thus verified that she was Widowed in 1801. These Wills take me back a
> Generation and pieces together a family to such an extent that I only need
> to find where they were all born, married and buried! Ann WOOLLEY nee
> Turnell was born at Market Deeping, and all her sons were Carpenters
> (reasonably wealthy ones!) so I suspect that MILLER's were a wealthy
> Farming
> Family that straddled the Soke of Peterborough/Lincolnshire border. Hence
> me
> posting on both the Peterborough and Lincolnshire lists.
> A comment on the CUE name. A possible variation appears in later WOOLLEY
> generations as a forename CULY. Has anyone seen these as a variation of
> one
> name?
> It has to be said that it would have proven a much harder task to locate
> these Wills were it not for the work of the London Branch of the
> Lincolnshire Family History Society in producing the recently released
> Death
> Duties Register Indexes 1796-1821 extracting any testators and
> beneficiaries
> with Lincolnshire connections and where one was found extracting all
> mentioned testator and beneficiaries wherever they may have lived, so this
> resource should be considered by anyone researching families that may have
> cross boarder connections.
> Regards,
> John R G Bland
> Spalding
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