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From: "John Bland" <>
Subject: [PETERBRO] Robert MILLER, Gentleman Will - lots of names
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 01:15:32 -0000

Hello Listers,

I have been looking at the lengthy Will of Robert MILLER, Gentleman of
Northamptonshire PRO 11/1426 dated 20 March 1804. It is very much a
coincidence that I should read it for the first time exactly 204 years
later! This Will and the Will of John TURNEL The Elder Farmer of Eastfield,
Peterborough PRO 11/1605 dated 5 September 1805 have a number of common
bequests, and the Turnel Will indicating one to his daughter Ann WOOLLEY,
Widow of John Woolley is sufficient for me to conclude that John Turnel the
Elder was my GGGGG Grandfather, and that Robert Miller was his Brother in
Law. The IGI records a marriage between John Turnell and Anne Miller on 19
December 1753 at St Michaels, Stamford, Lincolnshire. Obviously this
marriage needs confirming.

Given that both Wills mention the same names the connection is obvious, so I
am listing them here in case anyone recognises any of them.

The MILLER Will, mentions bequests to his Wife Mary, Son Robert and Daughter
Elizabeth, Brothers Jonathan MILLER Gentleman of Market Deeping, George
MILLER Gentleman of Peterborough, Friends Matthew WILKINSON, Gentleman of
Peterborough and William CRISP of Peterborough, and Kinsmen and Kinswomen
(it is unfortunate that he did not choose to list the full relationships!)
Ann WOOLLEY, Susannah CUE, John TURNELL the Younger, Mary BROOKSOP, the Wife
of Samuel BROOKSOP, John YOUDD the Elder of Market Deeping, Mary YOUDD, Ann
YOUDD, Robert YOUDD, George YOUDD, Susannah ARNOLD the Wife of John ARNOLD
of Swaford, Lincolnshire, and John Kitchen MILLER, Sister Ann TURNELL of
Eastfield, Peterborough, Sister Mary YOUDD of Potton Bedfordshire, Cousin
Thomas MILLER of Wisbech and Nephew John TURNELL the Younger.

The TURNEL Will indicates that he had land at Eastfield, Newark and
Dogsthorpe and gives bequests to his Wife Ann TURNELL, Son John TURNELL the
Younger, Daughters Ann WOLLEY, Widow of John WOOLLEY, Susannah CUE Widow of
John CUE and Mark BROOKSOP the Wife of Samuel BROOKSOP, Grandchildren John
WOOLLEY, Jane SMITH the Wife of John SMITH, Mary WOOLLEY, Robert WOOLLEY,
William WOOLLEY, George WOOLLEY, the children of Ann WOOLLEY, Grandchildren
John CUE, William CUE, Mary PEARSON or PARRY the Wife of blankspace PARSON
or PARRY (I think!), Jonathan CUE the children of Susannah CUE.

Legacies in both Wills were substantial for the day, the MILLER ones
particularly large - annuities from invested sums measured in thousands of
pounds. Furthermore with Robert MILLER's death being noted in The
Gentleman's Magazine, I am hopeful that he left a good paper trail. Has
anyone come across him, his brother Jonathan or any of the other names
mentioned? I already have pieced together the family of Ann WOOLLEY and have
thus verified that she was Widowed in 1801. These Wills take me back a
Generation and pieces together a family to such an extent that I only need
to find where they were all born, married and buried! Ann WOOLLEY nee
Turnell was born at Market Deeping, and all her sons were Carpenters
(reasonably wealthy ones!) so I suspect that MILLER's were a wealthy Farming
Family that straddled the Soke of Peterborough/Lincolnshire border. Hence me
posting on both the Peterborough and Lincolnshire lists.

A comment on the CUE name. A possible variation appears in later WOOLLEY
generations as a forename CULY. Has anyone seen these as a variation of one

It has to be said that it would have proven a much harder task to locate
these Wills were it not for the work of the London Branch of the
Lincolnshire Family History Society in producing the recently released Death
Duties Register Indexes 1796-1821 extracting any testators and beneficiaries
with Lincolnshire connections and where one was found extracting all
mentioned testator and beneficiaries wherever they may have lived, so this
resource should be considered by anyone researching families that may have
cross boarder connections.


John R G Bland


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