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Hello John,
Many thanks for your helpful suggestions, which I'll follow up as soon as I
get the chance.

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Hello Neil,

I have some PEACHes in my family tree: Jonathan, born c1831 in Yaxley (son
of Jonathan and Frances) married Mary Ann WOODS of Paston in 1854, possibly
in Farcet. Ann, one of his daughters, married a relative of mine David
JINKS in Farcet in 1877. In 1841 Jonathan, Frances and their children were
living at Stanground (Norman Cross hundred), then in Huntingdonshire.

On the subject of baptisms, if Yaxley can't deliver the goods, I believe
that for a time parish records of Thornhaugh were recorded at Elton (or it
may have been the other way round!). Either way, Elton is not that far from
Thornhaugh and Wansford (or Yaxley). An ancestor of mine who was baptised
in Elton married a man from Peterborough in Thornhaugh church.

To digress slightly, another relative of mine, William RIPPIN of Southwick,
married Eleanor PEACH of Woodnewton in 1853 in Woodnewton.

Good luck!

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Is anyone researching PEACHes in the Peterborough area who might be able to
help me, please?

On 6 July 1826 I believe Mary Ann PEACH married Jonathan BODGER in
Thornhaugh. It'd be interesting (and possibly useful) to know who were the

>From the 1851 Census return for Thornhaugh it appears the Jonathan is
55 and was born in Werrington, whilst Mary Ann is aged 48 and was born in
Wansford. I can't find Mary Ann, or any other PEACH, baptised in Wansford
around 1803 (not keeping too close to this central point!) Any information
about her baptism, or suggestions of where it might be recorded would be
very welcome.

Neil, in East Lothian

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