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From: "Andy Candlish" <>
Subject: Re: [ENG-MERSEYSIDE] Passengers returning to the UK
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 10:45:18 +1100
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Hi Keith

> Two of my ancestors Hilda M. Anderson (b. Abt. 1888 in Gosforth,
> Northumberland) and her son William (b. 1912 in Boldon, Durham) returned
> from West Virginia landing at Liverpool in July 1924 after William Sr.
> died
> in 1923. Their new UK address was given as 8 Kelvin Rd., Birkenhead.
> Does anyone know or could point me in the right direction to search
> myself,
> whether this was likely to be a residence or was it simply the address
> where
> passengers might go upon arrival? I notice that Kelvin road is quite near
> the docks.

The Kelvin Road that runs down to the docks is Kelvin Road, WALLASEY.
(sometimes referred to as Kelvin Road, Seacombe).

Kelvin Road, BIRKENHEAD is in Tranmere off Holt Road, near Mersey Park and
is a short road that consisted of a school and Methodist Chapel on one side,
and a few houses and another school on the other. There has been some
changes in recent years as both the schools and chapel have now gone
replaced by what looks like houses and open space.

Googling "8 kelvin road birkenhead" indicates it was a house for sale for
19,000 GDP in 2001 so there is a reasonable chance it's still there.

If someone can do a look up in a diectory for around that time then the
occupants name may help.


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