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From: "Mike Berrell" <>
Subject: Re: [ENG-MAN] Richmond Street, Pendleton
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 08:35:34 -0000
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The 1861 Census Surname Index of Pendleton and Pendlebury (published by M/c
& Lancs FHS) shows Back Richmond Street in ED 2, this equates with RG
9/2902 folios 17 - 35.

I only found nos 1 and 2 for Back Richmond St. There is no
HENDERSON/ENDERSON ref in that surname index.

There was a Richmond St in Ardwick, off Syndall St. Syndall St ran between
Stockport Road and Hyde Road. Turning off Stockport Road into Syndall St
Richmond St was the 4th on the right. It was a short street which lead to
Tiverton St .

Mike Berrell

> Thank you again, Mike and and UK for helping me with
> Richmond Street. However, I must confess after
> thinking I was on the right track I am now more
> puzzled than I was before.
> My ancestor Edwin Henderson was born in 1863 at "5
> Back Richmond Street, Pendleton" but I have a feeling
> I couldn't find that in 1871. (Way back then I
> didn't have the gumption to write down nil returns.)
> So you're probably right, Mike, that that particular
> street disappeared.
> Now I have found a William Henderson (nobody I
> recognise, could be an undiscovered brother) described
> in the 1895 directory as "boiler maker, 5 Richmond
> Street, Syndall St A". UK told me A is for Ardwick
> and I have found Syndall St there, but I can't find a
> Richmond St in that area. I can find the Richmond St
> in Pendleton as directed by Mike, but that's way over
> the other side of Manchester. Are we dealing with
> two Richmond Streets here? Or have I got myself even
> more confused than I think I am? Help, she said
> desperately!
> Dorothy Morrissey
> Whakatane, NZ

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