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From: "Colin Wood" <>
Subject: Re: [ENG-LAN-OLDHAM] Churchyard burial grounds near Royton
Date: Sat, 12 May 2007 19:34:11 +0100
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Hi Julie,
Hope you find them there, let me know.


Chadderton Oldham

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From: "Julie Dalton" <>
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Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2007 3:57 PM
Subject: Re: [ENG-LAN-OLDHAM] Churchyard burial grounds near Royton

> Colin Wood wrote:
>> I think you have been misled !! according to the Parish Register
>>List at Oldham Local Studies they only have the burial register records up
>>to 1888. The same goes for Manchester Central Library.....unless the
>>listings are out of date.
>> I know that when we (MLFHS Oldham Branch) did our burials project
>>the register for this period (1905) was still in the safe at the church.
>>This was about 5 years ago but it may be the same. I think you should try
>>contacting the church direct at: or phone
>>01706 847369 (Rev Richard Watson)
>>Chadderton Oldham
> Hi Colin
> Well your reply has certainly surprised me and in fact has made me quite
> cross. I feel that rather than being misled I have been fobbed off..The
> reply I got suggests that someone had looked up my request and my
> ancestores were not at Holy Trinity in 1905, rather than telling me that
> they did not have these records. Obviously, I just accepted what I was
> told.
> I am glad now that I posted the question and will do as you suggest and
> contact the church direct.
> regards
> Julie
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