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From: "David Allan" <>
Subject: Re: [ENG-LAN-BOLTON] Mornington Road mystery...
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 19:55:41 -0000
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Hi Valerie,

Can I say a big thankyou for your e-mail and your thoughts about my current
mystery surrounding my great Aunt Flo from Bolton. It's always great to get
an e-mail like this containing ideas that you hadn't previously considered.

I think I sometimes suffer from 'family history tunnel vision', if there is
such a thing... of not standing back and trying to think from other
perspectives. There are some very interesting ideas in your e-mail, which
I'll now have to give some serious thought to.

The fact of the matter is that without knowing when and where this great
aunt of mine was born, or when she died, who she married and the married
name she took, I'm a bit stuck. I'm fairly confident though, that it is
simply going to be a of time before some of these questions get answered.

I've managed to get the address of a cousin who I have not seen since 1964
and sent her a letter. I'm hoping that she might just have a few details
that can point me in the right direction. Failing that, I might travel down
to Bolton and do some door-knocking in Mornington Road. It's just possible
that there could be someone living nearby who remembers my great Aunt Flo.

The idea that Florrence could have been the name she was known by and maybe
not her real name is also an interesting thought. I only ever heard of her
as being called 'Flo', although I have a postcard she wrote in the late
1960's on which she signs herself 'Florrie'. She also signed a birthday
card, sent to me on my first birthday in 1955 as coming from 'Florrie and

There is also a photograph of my grandmother Nora, taken when she was a very
attractive young woman, and on the back is written 'To Dear Flo from Nora,
June 12th 1920, with much love.' It was me who decided that her full first
name would have been Florence... I suppose for that matter, it could have
been Flora.

> I have just checked for Marriages between 1920-25, but none in Bolton. I
> think probably the best thing would be for me to check the Electoral Roll
> for Mornington Road c.1971.

Well, she was definately still alive and living in Mornington Road early
1971. I know that because that was the very last time I went to visit her
with my father. So if she was registered to vote, she should have been on
the electoral register.

> You don't say when your grandmother, Nora, was born. Was she older or
> younger than Florence? One explanation of why these two sisters have
> different accents could be that their parents divorced, possibly remarried
> and settled in different parts of the country, taking a child each, or it
> could be that they were only half-sisters.

As far as I know, Nora was born in 1899. She died of cancer on 29 December
1981 in Brighton, Sussex. I don't know whether Nora was older or younger
than Flo, although my feeling is that she was younger.

Once again, my appreciation for you interest and help... it is very much

Regards... David Allan.

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