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Subject: FW: [ENG-LAN-BOLTON] A marriage record found - Jim Lancaster's reply
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 07:15:47 +0800

Here are Jim's findings and comments on Daniel BREADY and Elizabeth TURNER:

Best wishes,
Sharon in Perth, Western Australia
Bury Parish Pages - just beginning

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> St, Mary's is the Parish Church of Bury it is in the centre of town and a
> lovely stone building, still very much in use today.

but the building you see today is not the building in which this couple were
married. The present church is at least the third on the site and was built
about 1876.

> Daniel Bready (Joiner) m Elizabeth Turner, 2nd May 1824.

The details quoted on the fiche are almost certainly the full details from
the register because the Registers printed under Rose's Act (ca 1812) only
had spaces for this information.

> I assume this was a Catholic Church. Daniel was from Ireland and his wife,
> "Betty" was born in Lynn, Lancashire according to the 1851 census of
> Farnworth.

As you say, this is not a Catholic church, but the Parish Church (Church of
England, Anglican). Following Hardwicke's Act in 1754, marriages were only
valid in civil law if they were solemnised in a licensed Anglican church
(usually a Parish Church) before an authorised Anglican minister. The only
exceptions were for the marriages of Quakers and Jews. This meant that
Protestant non-conformists and Catholics had to take the Anglican service
for the couple to be married legally. This does not mean that marriages did
not take place in non-Anglican churches at this time, for example the
marriage register of SS Peter & Paul, Bolton, starts in 1795. Often in this
period before civil registration you find that a Catholic couple had two
marriage ceremonies, one in the Anglican church and one in their Catholic
chapel. In Bury the marriage register does not start until 1834 and even
then has few entries until after 1837. That does not mean that marriages
were not being performed in the Catholic chapel, just that there is no
record of them. The Catholic chapel at this time was in a rented room in the
area near Henry Street and the present Catholic church was only built in

I have looked for baptisms of children of this couple and I have only found
one -

Priest; Birth; Baptism; Forename; Surname; Father; Mother; Mar; Sponsor 1;
Sponsor 2

J.PEACOCK; 28 Jan 1836; 31 Jan 1836; James BRADY; Daniel BRADY; Eliz:

The Baptism register is a large, thin book in portrait format and the
details were entered in columns across the full width of the page opening.
They were in English, so there are no translation problems. This register
has been deposited in the Lancashire Record Office (LRO) in Preston.

Do you have any idea whereabouts in Bury this family lived, and has this
family been found in the 1841 Census? If they moved to Bolton soon after
James was born and had further children there, then their baptisms are
probably in the register of SS Peter & Paul, Bolton. These registers have
also been deposited in the LRO but the Bolton Archive Service has a
microfilm copy.

I hope this helps

Jim Lancaster (Bury, Lancs.)

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