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Good Morning Ms Renner

I am a member of the group and live in Woodchurch but only since 1994.
The local phone book has (Simon) S.G. Orpin, 42 Lower Road, Woodchurch TN26
3SG phone 01233 860075. I do not know him myself. I think the lady to whom
you spoke at the Museum may have been our friend Betty Samson.

Best Wishes - Jon Chaplin (860649, )

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Subject: [ENG-KEN-WOODCHURCH] Hello from a new member

I couldn't find an appropriate email address on the Woodchurch Museum site
for my message so I hope it can be passed on to `the lady we spoke to when
we visited the museum a few months ago'. I am sure she will remember we
were looking for Simon Orpin who is related to us, she showed us the cart he
had donated to the museum and also told us his father Robert had recently
died and he had lost his brother in a terrible accident when a large door
fell on him, she also lives close by to him.
The message I would like her to see is :- We went to the farm she described
by the large green doors but although his land rover was there we looked
around but unfortunately he was nowhere to be seen - we went back again
later but still he was nowhere to be seen and we didn't have his address and
we were only in the district for the weekend. She may have spoken to him
about us and I didn't want her to think we were not interested - he is part
of my husband's ancestry, who came from the Munk's, we know George Robert
Orpin married Ann Elizabeth Munk back in 1870 and we were hoping to find out
if this was the connection.

Hopefully we will get back to the district again, or if the lady in question
can help further by passing this on to Simon Orpin he may be interested to

thank you
Pauline Renner

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