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Subject: Re: [ENG-HAM-NEW-FOREST] Comyn's New Forest
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 06:48:09 +1000
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Thanks for the head up Tony.

I copied some pages at the Lymington library two years back whilst on hols in the UK but can't remember where I put them!
As you pointed out, the price is likely to put me off though.

Brisbane, Australia

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Subject: [ENG-HAM-NEW-FOREST] Comyn's New Forest

I know in the past there have ben requests on this board on where one could
obtain a copy of this very rare book.
For anyone interested there is a copy currently on Ebay from a seller based
in Lymington.
Item number is 280630711416
However, the starting price reflects the rarity - £65 !
But this item has now been listed twice so it may be worth trying to
persuade the seller to sell for less.
Hope this helps someone.

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