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From: "Sue and Paul Davey" <>
Subject: Re: [NEW-FOREST] New Forest THORN's - help with missing dates please.
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 23:10:42 +0100
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Hi Jenny and other listers,

Well, I did start my first message with perhaps we ought to all post our
interests and that we might find another cousin...looks like my theory may
have worked!!!!! So I suggest that all of you get posting!!!

Now Jenny where have you been hiding?!!!! I do believe you are another long
lost cousin!!!

Your probably not going to believe this but I too think that my George THORN
was the son of Thomas THORN and Frances WALLIS, but alas the baptism of
George fails to show up in the Beaulieu registers c1815/16ish which is
somewhat frustrating, so I cannot prove for definite that he was their son!
But of course they did have a son James born c1805 that married Ann WORT at
Beaulieu on 21 Oct 1832.

However, the wonderful Tony and Linda Knight looked up the 1841 census for
me and found who I believe to be my George living next door to Thomas and
Frances at Park Cottages, Beaulieu...this could be the closest I ever get to
linking him to them.

I do have the marriage certificate for George THORN and Maria COLLIS which
states that his father was Thomas THORN, labourer. They married at Boldre
on 12 April 1845 and witnesses were James COLLIS and Ann WARD. No other
Thomas THORN's have come to light in the area as yet from the 1851 census
index...so the Thomas who married Frances WALLIS is my best candidate to
date...unless anyone can tell me otherwise!

From Comyn's New Forest...Frances WALLIS had a sister called Mary who
appears to have married an Edward WARD...but I don't have their marriage
date. They had a child John (1806) who married an Ann COX...she could have
been the Ann WARD witness to my George and Maria's wedding!!!

Well, thanking you for your offer of look-ups, I would be most grateful for
anything that comes to light and there is certainly no rush. As you can
probably tell I am quite excited by your contact!!! Will tell you more
another day...but will email 2 others that I know have children that married
children of Thomas and Frances THORN...not sure if they are on this list.
My dad's cousin in Canada is also a descendant of this line and a genie too,
so I will let him know!!

Look forward to hearing from you again...
Sue Davey
Plymouth, UK.

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Subject: RE: [NEW-FOREST] New Forest THORN's - help with missing dates

> Hi Sue
> I have the complete run of Beaulieu registers on microfiche and a
> somewhere along the line to the name Thorn(e). I am very busy this
> but I will try and take a look for you early next week. My link is Mary
> Thorne (1836) dau of James Thorn and Ann Wort, James being the son of
> Thorne and Frances Wallace.
> Will get back to you as soon as I get a spare minute!
> Best wishes
> Jenny
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> Subject: [NEW-FOREST] New Forest THORN's - help with missing dates please.
> Hi Listers,
> Racking you brains again...can anyone help with filling in the missing
> for my children of George and Maria THORN (nee COLLIS) that lived at
> Cottages in Beaulieu (1851 and 1861 censuses). I am particularly looking
> for the marriages of George and Maria's children, so if anyone has access
> the Beaulieu marriages c1860+ and has come across any THORN's, then I
> love to hear of them.
> My THORN's are proving very difficult to track down, so if anyone could
> me in filling in any missing gaps in dates I would be eternally grateful.
> Dates and places shown are from Census information (1851 and 1861 for
> Beaulieu), unless baptisms are stated.
> George and Maria THORN (nee COLLIS) had the following children:
> MARY ~ born c1843-1845 at Lymington - possibly married a Mr FOSS.
> ANN ~ born c1846, Boldre...still unmarried in 1891 and living on the Isle
> wight with her brother Thomas whose wife had just died.
> EMILY ~ born c1848, Beaulieu married James PINNOCK possibly c1877...but
> don't know where.
> ELIZA ~ born c1850, Beaulieu.
> ELIZABETH ~ born c1852, Beaulieu.
> FANNY ~ baptised at Beaulieu, 7 May 1852.
> THOMAS ~ baptised at Beaulieu, 1 Jun 1856 m. (1)Sarah Jane HARDING from
> Milton, Dorset c1881, she died in 1891. Thomas then married (2) Sarah
> HERRINGTON at Isle of Wight Register Office on 22 Dec 1892, daughter of
> JAMES ~ baptised at Beaulieu, 7 Sep 1862.
> I would be grateful for anything more that might come to light on your
> travels of New Forest Parishes...alot to ask, but I would be grateful for
> look-outs if nothing else.
> Thank you again for your time reading...if you have Devon interests then
> might for the future be interested in my new website which has a growing
> collection of parish transcriptions going online. More welcome if you
> any to offer.
> Best Wishes
> Sue Davey
> Plymouth, UK
> Some Devon Parish Register transcriptions online @ Footprints:
> http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~footprints1/index.htm
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