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Hi Goeff
From research I have Jane's birth date as 1847, I will check this though
and get back to you.
Thanks v much for info.
P.S. I wondered if you could answer me a question. How easy is it to
break into professional Genealogy and is it cost effective. I am stuck
in a dead end job and am looking for something in the genealogy line,
maybe starting up on my own.

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Hi all
I am new to this list, and have a problem.
My Great grandfather Edward HOOD born in 1872 Heaton Blue House, son
of John HOOD and Jane. John was born at Beal in 1820, He married his
first wife Isabella HENRY in 1845, from this marriage there were 5
Isabella died in 1871, in 1871 John married Jane WOOD (formally
ROBSON)., at this time his address was Heaton Blue House. John died in
1875. Edward married Mary ALLISON in 1900. From 1875 to his marriage
in 1900 I can find no trace of Edward or his mother Jane. In 1900 would
seem to be living in Stanhope Road, Byker. Any help would be great. A
big thank you in advance.
I must add that the family had connections in Longbenton, where John
had a business.


The period during which you have "lost" Edward Hood includes
that of the 1881 census. As that census has been transcribed (by FHS
members working on a FFHS pproject) and that transcription then
computerised (by the LDS who make it available at a very reasonable
cost), searching for Edward in 1881 when he would have been aged 8 or
9, would seem to be easy. However, such a search, based on Edward
having been born in 1872 +/- 2, produces only one result within what
the LDS refer to as the "Northern Borders and Miscellany" (ie
Northumberland, Co Durham, Cumberland, Westmoreland, Isle of Man,
Islands and Royal Navy!). With just a lttle editing down, that is:

Census Place: Hutton Henry, Durham, England
PRO (ie TNA) Ref: RG11 Piece 4971 Folio 91 Page 70
Henry SAMPSON M 28 M Winkleigh, Devon, Rel: Head, Occ: Coke Drawer
Annie SAMPSON M 41 F Northumberland, Rel: Wife Sarah J. HOOD U 17 F
Northumberland, Rel: Step Daur William H. HOOD U 11 M Northumberland,
Rel: Step Son
Edward HOOD 8 M York, Rel: Step Son
Henry C. SAMPSON 4 M York, Rel: Son
Edith M. SAMPSON 1 F York, Rel: Daur

"Northumberland" is a delightfully vague birthplace! I would say that
because of that vagueness, "York" could mean "Yorkshire". Could this
be your family? For that to be so then it would seem that Edward's
birthplace would have been wrongly stated, either in the original or in
the transcription, but he being a Hood and not a Sampson, that seems
quite likely. His mother would have had to have re-married to Henry
Sampson, which is also plausible, but the main obstacle is his mother's
name, which you gave as Jane but which here is Annie.

If you cannot accept this family as yours, then I suggest you seek
Edward's Henry half-brothers. Perhaps he was living with one of them.

Geoff Nicholson

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