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Subject: Re: [ENG-EAST-YORKS] RICHARDSON Peter & Isabella marriage 1811
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 08:19:20 +1100
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A very big thank you to many members of the list.

The long S was the culprit.

Thanks especially to Richard who checked the original registers for me and
confirmed the name was SAGG.

It is a pleasure to be descended from Yorkshiremen.

Graeme in sunny Sydney

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It's the long S

Confuses the LDS . It would be Sagg not Fagg. You are lucky you have not
come across it before. I have in relation to my Suckley ancestors and
because they could believe it could possibly be an F they listed them as
Buckley. I could have looked for ever then I realised what had happened;

LDS are good, but by no means infallible

Chris Roderick

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From: Graeme O'Reilly <>
Subject: [ENG-EAST-YORKS] RICHARDSON Peter & Isabella marriage 1811
Date: Saturday, 20 November, 2010, 5:50

Hello list,

I am hoping that someone here can help me kick out that pesky brick that is
keeping this brick wall standing. Peter RICHARDSON married Isabella
apprximately 1810. They were both from the Easington area of East Yorkshire.
They are my G G G G grandparents.
Isabella's death certificate states that her second christian name was
The IGI gives a marriage between a Peter RICHARDSON and an Isabella FAGG on
the 9th January 1811 at Drypool which I believe is near Hull. I can find no
further reference to a marriage for Peter RICHARDSON.

I can find no other references to an Isabela FAGG. No baptism, no parents,
in fact hardly a reference to the surname FAGG at all.

The 1851 census gives Patrington as my Isabella's birth place.

After recently browsing through thousands of baptisms in Patrington for the
relevant time period, I have found references to a SAGG family who have
lived for generations in the Patringtom area and to my disbelief there is an
Elizabeth Banks Sagg born at about the right time and in the right place.
Surely this is my Isabella.

I am a very pedantic genealogist and circumstantial evidence, no matter how
strong is not proof. It is looking pretty obvious to me that the marriage
transcript in the IGI must be wrong and that the surname is really SAGG.

I live in Sydney, Australia and it is not so easy to pop over to the
Beverley records office and check the original of this Drypool marriage.

Can anyone advise me of a way to have the record checked?

Thanking you,

Graeme O'Reilly

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