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Subject: Re: [ENG-DURHAM-YORKS] info on English BDM certs, Henry BERNHARDT
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 09:21:55 +0100
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Hi Dawn,
The answer to your second paragraph is basically no! The main positive is
in finding out the name of the mother. I still think it is worth sending
for the certificate. That's how I found out much of the info I have on my


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Subject: Re: [ENG-DURHAM-YORKS] info on English BDM certs, Henry BERNHARDT

Thanks Cecilia - I thought English birth certs do not (necessarily) have the
mother's maiden name till about the 1920s. Interesting that they DO.
Having Mum's maiden name would certainly prove if she is or is not one of
those two possible marriages.

Before I order, is there likely to be anything like address of parents,
places of birth for the parents, year and place of their marriage etc as
there are on our local Victorian birth certs which were modelled on the
Scottish system and set up by a statistician?

Thank you

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Subject: Re: [ENG-DURHAM-YORKS] info on English BDM certs, Henry BERNHARDT

The simplest way to find parent's names is to get a copy of a birth
certificate of one of their children. It will contain the mother's maiden
name (if she is married) as well as her married name. It should also contain

the father's name and his occupation, and where the birth took place. So ..
if you have a reference for Robert Frederick BERNHARDT you will find out the

names of his parents by sending for the certificate. I don't know of any
other way of doing it!

Good luck.
Cecilia Bell in Essex UK

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