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Subject: [BC Diaspora] Re:Staffordshire men in Yorkshire mining disaster
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 18:28:51 +0800
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Subject: [BC Diaspora] Staffordshire men in Yorkshire mining disaster

> Mining disaster at Maltby Colliery, Maltby, near Rotherham, Yorks.
> 120 Men and boys had volunteered to extinguish hazardous "gob fires" when
on Saturday 28th July 1923 an explosion occurred, killing 27 men.
> The list of casualties included the following men of Staffordshire
> RICHARD JOHN BROOKE, age 25, Miner, of 6 Coleridge Rd, Maltby. He had
been employed at the Maltby pit for nearly three years, he was a native of
South Staffordshire, and leaves a widow and one child.
> HAROLD BOURNE, aged 25, Miner, of 49? Salisbury Rd, Maltby, native of
Longton, Staffs., single, had been working at the pit since March.
> RAYMOND CLINTON BOURNE, age 18, brother of above, Haulage Hand, of same
address, also native of Longton, had been working at the pit since March.
> SYLVANUS TURNER, born in Staffordshire 1898, Miner, of 12 Beresford Rd,
Maltby, employed for about a year, 4½ years war service, leaves a widow.
> LEONARD MEREDITH, age 22, native of South Staffordshire, single, worked at
the pit 15 months.
> AARON DANIELS,age 46, of Hanley, Staffs., of 13 Coleridge Rd., Maltby,
leaves a widow & six children, had worked at the pit for eight years, his
son was also working at the pit but escaped.
> ALFRED FELLOWS, age 15, of Upper Gornal, Staffs., Haulage Hand, of 1?
Tennyson Rd., Maltby, worked there only seven weeks
> JONATHAN SPILSBURY, age 33, born Fenton, Stoke on Trent, Staffs., of 4
Cavendish Place, Maltby, leaves a widow & four children, had worked 15
months at the pit.
> Source of information - . Films of weekly local newspaper "Rotherham
Advertiser" at Archives & Local Studies Department, Rotherham Central
Library. "Rotherham Advertiser" dated Saturday 4th August, 1923. (The house
numbers and ages were difficult to read on the film)
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