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Subject: Re: [ELLIS-INDIAN] New England Tribal records
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I looked for all the different spellings I could think of for both surnames
and didn't find anything. Sure wish I would have. I would love to be able
to help some of us make a solid connection.

As soon as I have time I'm going to put all the names from the book into a
data base and see if I can link up those who come from the same families.
Then I'll be able to let the computer do the searching for me. :)


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> Marsha,
> Could you look up the following?
> Alexis SYLVESTRE and Marie CAYE/CAILLE/CAYER/CAYA/CAHIER, who lived in
> Sherbrooke/Bury area of Ontario, Canada.
> Family history indicates Marie Caye was an Abenaki Indian from the
> Penobscott tribe originating in ME. Alexis and Marie had 8 children one
> Named Marie that married Joseph Humphrey Ellis (my great grand parents on
> Dad's side). We do not know about Alexis' origins. Thank you for your
> time and cooperation.
> Gordon M. Ellis

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