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From: "Robert Ellis" <>
Subject: Re: [ELLIS-DNA] back from conference- haplogroups
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 09:14:39 -0400
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Good morning Dawn. I have a question that maybe you can help me with.
I want to upgrade to a "37" DNA test. I see that it is only $49.00.
However...when I had my initial test done I did not believe the results
(foolish me) and I had them run the test a second time. It, of course came
back with the identical results. I think that they had to use my second
"swab" to run the second test. My question is...when I ask for the upgrade
and pay the $49.00 are they going find out that my second sample has been
used and will have to charge me additional money for the upgrade? Hope my
question makes sense.
Robert Ellis ( 63196)
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Subject: [ELLIS-DNA] back from conference- haplogroups

> Hi everyone,
> Just got back yesterday from the Administrator's Conference in
> Houston. Learned a lot, got new ideas, and had a lot of fun...
> The first this I want to do is make you all aware that haplogroups
> are changing again...this will be an ongoing process as the
> scientists find more SNPs (really, it is a good thing) so I am going
> to make a change for those of you that have SNP tested. If your
> haplogroup has been confirmed, meaning that your sample was SNP
> tested either by you ordering a snp test or FTDNA doing the backbone
> test on your sample, I will be using the shorthand version for your
> Haplogroup as it is posted to the results table. The idea being that
> as the names change (like I1a changed to I1 last year) I won't have
> to update everyone everytime a new SNP is found. I will of course
> update your shorthand name if you test positive for more snps.
> For those that have not been snp tested (your haplogroup was
> confidently predicted by FTDNA and they didn't do the backbone test
> on your sample, and you didn't order snp testing yourself), I will
> continue to try and keep up with the changes.
> You can all see the currect name and the shorthanp on the Haplogroup
> section of your "My FTDNA Page". Hope you are all familiar with that
> page.
> I am looking forward to using the new admin dashboard, and as
> features come available you can look forward to new content on the
> website.
> Cheers,
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