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From: "Dawn Ellis" <>
Subject: [ELLIS-DNA] update
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 13:01:56 -0500

Hi everyone,

I apologize for getting behind in the records...I had a major
computer crash and am in New Computer/Vista HELL. Things still aren't
working quite as they should, but at least I am able to get some work

We now have 81 members. I had the pleasure of moving someone from
the unmatched group to a new group (R1b Group 10) when a new member
was found to be a match.

Another new member matched "I group 3" and was added to that group.
It seems clear who the progeniture of that group is, and I am working
on a chart for that group. Can't promise when it will be finished,
but I hope not to long.

The conference that was scheduled for admins in November was
postponed until March due to the hurricane in Houston. I will be
attending and hope to come back with new ideas, knowledge and renewed

Please continue to send me any updates, corrections or problems with
the website. I am trying to stay ontop of it all.--
Dawn Ellis

All emails scanned for viruses before leaving my machine!
I'm a TMG user!

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