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From: Kaite <>
Subject: [DYESS-L] Senator B. G. Dyess in Alexandria Town Talk
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 14:33:44 -0600


There is a picture of Senator B. G. Dyess in the Alexandria Town Talk
(Alexandria, La) today....January 10, 1999.......

There is the article that accompanies the picture:


PRAYER RALLY.....spiritual help is sought for Beauregard's Schools

by Jules miller
Staff reporter

DERIDDER----Hundreds of people gathered Saturday in prayer, asking in
earnest that Beauregard Parish administrators and teachers do good this year.

"We're here today sincerely praying that God will touch and move us in a
spiritual, divine way so that things will get better in this state, in this
country for the present and the next generation," said state Senator B. G.
Dyess, D-Alexandria. "We are praying to that end."

Dyess was the keynote speaker at the hour-long prayer rally held in the
auditorium of the DeRidder High School. Several schools and local
musicians performed a variety of songs, ranging from "Give Me That Old Time
Religion" to "On My Knees", Kari McCarty, a flutiest, performed a patriotic

The prayer rally, the first for Beauregard Parish, was to encourage the
"great tasks" that lay before the school system's new superintendent, Joe
Aguillard, and the newly-elected School Board members, plus administrators,
teachers and students.

Event organizer, the Rev. Jon Tellifero of the First United Methodist
Church, said he patterned the prayer rally, dubbed Lincoln's Call, after a
similar move made by President Lincoln in 1863. Lincoln had asked all,
regardless of faith, to spend a day praying and fasting for the nation's

"That's something we needed--the best for our future and our children,"
Tellifero said.

DYESS told the gathering that those in Beauregard Parish had a lot to be
thankfulfor, but much cencern remains.

"That concern is expressed by those who come here today," DYESS said. "Our
school system is at, perhaps, its lowest ebb, even in my lifetime."

But, that can change through prayer, he said.

"Is prayer profitable? Is what we're doing here today profitable," asked
DYESS moments before receiving a standing OVATION for his comments. "We
believe it is or else we wouldn't be here today. My friends, prayer is

Robert Graham, who has children in the Beauregard Parish schools, was
delighted at hearing DYESS' comments.

"it can do us only good," Graham said of the prayers offered by hundreds
of people who attended the rally.

DeRidder resident Sarah Biggs said that as a Beauregard Parish teacher and
parent she stands behind the prayer rally.

"I'm a firm believer that prayer is going to get us through it to make it
better," Mrs. Biggs said.

Tellifero said Saturday's event could only hearten those involved in the
educational system about the value of life.

Life is worth giving one's best and making great contributions of which the
key ingredients are prayer and emotional and spiritual support, he said.

"That keeps us going even in hard times," Tellifero said.

End of the aritle...

Here is what is under the picture of Senator B. G. Dyess.....

Sen. B. G. Dyess, D-Alexandria, told hundreds gathered Saturday for a
prayer rally that prayer can profit the Beauregard Parish schools system
and the children educated there. This was the first time such a prayer
rally was held in the parish......


Informational only.... DeRidder, La is located about 55 WEST of Alexandria,

The Rev. Senator B. G. Dyess.... is the
Son of J. B. (Josie) Dyess
Grandson of Edmond D. Dyess
Great Grandson of Thomas D. Dyess
Great Great Grandson of John Dyess


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