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From: "Karen L. Day" <>
Subject: Dow and Douw marriages so far NY, NYC, NJ only
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 10:42:54 -0400

Here is what I found so far regarding Dow/Douw marriages....

Any to add????

In searching Dow, Douw, etc. records, I've found that Douw is used quite often as a first name.
Province of New York-Marriage Licenses, previous to 1784
Gisbert Fonda Sept. 25, 1753 Eltje Douw
Henry Douw Oct. 4 1759 Elizabeth Dennison
Gerardus Beekman May 18,1761 Anne Douw
Volkert A. Douw June 28, 1762 Mary Codwise
Peter W. Douw July 2, 1762 Rycke Van Schaick
John M. Beekman Dec. 28,1763 Elizabeth Douw
Henry Oothout, Jr. July 12, 1765 Lydia Douw
Henry Van Ranselaer Sept. 18, 1765 Rachel Douw
Henry Ten Eyck, Jr. May 13, 1767 Margaret Douw
John Stevenson Aug. 18, 1770 Magdalen Douw
Herman Hoffman Nov. 14, 1770 Catherine Douw
Cornelius Douw May 14, 1773 Catharina Van Schaick
Aaron Dow Mar. 15, 1780 Margaret Kerby
Henry Dow Sept. 13, 1780 Mary Marsshalk
John Dow July 5, 1781 Elizabeth Douw
William Dove Oct. 14, 1679 Ann Ffarley

Marriage Index-NY 1600's-1900's
Andries Douw 1707 Andriana Van der Graaf
Samuel Clowes 1698 Catherine Douw she's listed 3 times with a different name each time.Katherine and Kathrine
Johannes Williks 1704 Margarita Douw
Lowys Janszen Van Ysendyck 1654 Aeltje Douwens
Louis Joriszen 1650 Neeltje Douwens

New York City Marriages 1600's-1800's Index I need to go back and do Douw
Mr. Dow 1842 Hannah Shed Richville, Genesee Co., NY
Frank J Currier 1889 Ada M. Dow Manhattan, NY
John White 1771 Agnes Dow NYC, NY
Alexander B. Dow Aug. 31, 1848 Jane Crawford NYC, NY
Augustus Dow 1871 Sarah Barker Manhattan, NY
Edward Maverick 1804 Catharine Dow NYC, NY
Matthew Semple 1804 Catharine Dow NYC, NY
Unknown 1867 Charlotte Dow Manhattan, NY
Christopher Dow 1867 Caroline Farkiner Manhattan, NY
Edwin Dow 1866 Catherine Hook Manhattan, NY
Unknown 1878 Eliza Dow Manhattan, NY
Robert H. Dederick 1874 Emma F. Dow Manhattan, NY
Frank C. Dow 1874 Margarethe Maert Manhattan, NY
George W. Dow 1896 Alice M. Osborne Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY
Hendrick Dow 1697 Neeltie Meynderts New Amsterdam, New Ntherlands..2 listed, named Hendryck Dow and Neeltie Meyderts
Henry S. Dow 1874 Amelia F. Barker Manhattan, NY
Unknown 1889 Ida Dow Manhattan, NY
Isaac Dow 1822 Melinda Comstock W. Bloomfield, Ontario Co., NY
Jacob Dow 1831 Phebe Pettit..Peltit South Hempstead, LI, NY
James Dow 1775 Sarah Lewis NYC, NY
John Dow 1826 Maria N. Campbell NYC, NY
Douglas Gardner 1828 Mary Dow Albany, Albany Co., NY
William Robertson Sept. 12, 1844 Mary Dow NYC, NY
James Goldenberg 1889 Minny Dow Manhattan, NY
Martin Canyne 1841 Nancy Dow Richville, Genesee Co., NY
Unknown 1875 Nellie Dow Manhattan, NY
Robert Dow May 23, 1845 Mary F. Whitehead NYC, NY
Robert S. Dow July 8, 1847 Annabella Robertson NYC, NY
John Baylis 1831 Susan Dow South Hempstead, LI, NY
Thomas Dow 1797 Betsy Lockhard Smithtown, Suffolk Co., LI, NY
Uriah Dow June 14, 1848 Maria Marvin Van Huren, Onondaga Co., NY
William Dow 1770 Mary Runs Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY

NA Marriages written
1650 09 Jan; Lovis Joriszen, jm van der veer in Zeelt; Neeltje Douwens, wid Jan Janszen van Ditzmarsen
1654 20 May; Lowys Lanszen, van Ysendyck; Aeltje Douwens, wid Leuwis Joriszen
1704 10 Mar; Johannes Williks, jm Van Ax op t ylandt Walcheren; Margarita Douw, jd Van N: Albanien
1708 29 Feb; Andries Douw, jm V. N. Albanie; Adriana Van der Graaf, jd V. Sluis in Vlaand
see above, wife remarries after Andries dies (d. Bef. 1713, 31 May)
1713 31 May; Richard Stoon, wid, uit O. Engel; Ariaantje Van der Graaf, wid Andries Douw, V. N. York
1748 21 Apr; William Douw; Margrita Gerbrants
1748 17 Jul; Michael Augustus; Maria Douws, wid.what Douw's widow is this?
1780 16 Sep; Henry Dow; Mary Marschalk, beide van Nieuwyork.both of New York

Province of NY-Marriage Licenses Issued by the State of NY
Folkert Dow
John Stevenson
Benjamin Oakley Oct. 29, 1757 Annatje Wendell Remember that the Dutch "F" and "V" have a similar sound when pronounced aloud. That is why it changes so much in the records.
James Dow Aug. 18, 1770 Magdalen Dow Some are repeats of the above 1st info.
Henry Inness Feb. 17, 1773 Phebe Dow
Aaron Dow April 11, 1775 Sarah Lewis
Henry Dow July 15, 1777 Sarah Dow
John Dow Mar. 15, 1780 Margaret Kerby
Gisbert Fonda Sept. 13, 1780 Mary Marsshalk
Henry Douw July 5, 1781 Elizabeth Dow
Gerardus Beeckman Sept. 25, 1753 Eltje Douw
Volkert A. Douw Oct. 4, 1759 Elizabeth Dennison
Peter W. Douw May 18, 1761 Anne Douw
John M. Beekman June 28, 1762 Mary Codwise
Henry Van Renselaar July 2, 1762 Rycke Van Schaick
Henry Ten Eyck, Jr. Dec. 28, 1763 Elizabeth Douw
Herman Hoffman Sept. 18, 1765 Rachel Douw
Cornelius Douw May 13, 1767 Margaret Douw
Nov. 14, 1770 Catherine Douw
May 14, 1773 Catharina Van Schaick

Albany, Albany Co., NY DRC Marriages 1683-1724-as transcribed
1683 14 Nov; Jonas Volkersz Douw, ym of NA; Magdalena Pietersz Quakelbosch, yd of NA
1684 30 Apr; Henderik J. Van Oothout, ym liv Albany; Catharina Folkerse Douw, yd liv Albany
1697 24 Jun; Andries Douw, ym; Elsje Hansz, yd both liv here
1697 03 Oct; Hendrik Douw, ym; Neeltje Meynderts, wid Marten G. Van Bergen, both liv here
also have. 1697 23 Sept. Hendrick Dow and Neeltie Meynderts, NY
1701 16 Nov; Volkert Douwe, ym, b. and l. in Col. R.; Margarita Van Tricht, yd, b. and l. at A
1717 08 Oct; Petrus Douw; Anna Van Renselaar
1719 18 May; John Nieuwkerk; Dorothe Douw

Kingston DRC Marriages 1660-1809
1702 21 Oct; Andreas Douw; Lydia De Meyer, jd. (lic)

Schenectady, NY- Marriages
1684 30 Apr; Hendrick Oothout, son of Jan Janse; Caatje Douw, dau. of Volkert Douw Source
1696 24 Apr; Jonas Volkertse Douw; Catharina Witbeek, wid Jacob Sanderse Glen Schenectady marriages - Pearson's Genealogies
1733 19 Dec; Myndert Veeder, son of Johannes Simonse; Elisabeth Douw 'Contributions for the Genealogies of the Descendants of the First Settlers
of the Patent and City of Schenectady, from 1662 to 1800'
by Jonathan Pearson, originally published 1873

Marriage Records of the Zion Lutheran Church at Olwick, Flemington, Hunterdon Co., NY
Archabald Brown Nov.21, 1833 Catherine Douw
Jacob Eyke May 2, 1835 Elizabeth Douw

Misc NY Marriages
Volkert Douw May 7, 1743 Aeltje Polhemus

New Netherland Vital Records FTM CD# 11.Marriages
pg. 506
Volckert Janszen Douw Apr. 19, 1650 Dorothea Janse Breestede New Amsterdam, New Netherlands
Jonas Volckertse Douw Nov. 14, 1683 Magdalena Pieterse Quackenbos Albany, Albany Co., NY
Jonas Volckertse Douw Apr. 24, 1696 Catrina (Catherina) Janse Whitbeck Albany Albany Co., NY...wid. Of Jacob Sanderse Glen
Hendrick Volckertse Douw Oct. 3, 1697 Neeltie Myndertse Van Iveren Albany, Albany Co., NY.wid. Of Marten Gerritszen Van Bergen
Andries Volckertse Douw 1st Effie Hanse Albany, Albany Co., NY
Andries Volckertse Douw 2nd Lydia De Meyer Albany, Albany Co., NY
Andries Volckertse Douw Feb. 24, 1708 3rd Adriana Vandergrift New Amsterdam, New Netherlands
Volkert Volckertse Douw Nov. 16, 1701 Margareta Abrahamse Van Tricht Albany, Albany Co., NY
Volkertje Volckertse Douw Claes Janszen Van Brockhoven
Catrina Volckertse Douw Apr. 30, 1684 Hendrick Janszen Oothoudt Albany, Albany Co., NY
Engeltje Volckertse Douw c. 1683 Andries Janszen Witbeck
Grietje Volckertse Douw Gerrit Teunis Van Vechten his 2nd wife
pg. 497; 848; 816
Jan Janszen Platneus (Ditmars) 1640-1642 Neeltje Douwes perhaps a sister to Volckert Douw..poss. In Ditmarsen, Holstein (Denmark)
Lovis Joriszen Joriszen Jan. 9, 1650 Neeltje Douwes wid. Of Jan Janszen Platneus (Ditmars)..New Amsterdam, New Netherlands
Lowys Janszen van Ysendyck May 20, 1654 Aeltje (Neeltje) Douwens wid. Of Lovis Joriszen Joriszen

FHLC 0888703; Vol. D (1736 - 1791) [total of 421 bonds] #001 - #050
#013; Johannis DOWE (Johannes DOW) and Diricl Joraleman (Dirck YORALEMON), both of the County
of Essex... [bound to]... Lewis MORRIS, Governor... 500 pounds... 1 Dec 1740. ... Johannis
DOWE... obtained license of marriage for himself and for Elizabeth JORALEMAN... [w] Jacobus

#019; Volkert (Volckert) DOUW of Somerset County, and John BROUGHTON of the same county,
Esq'r... [bound to]... Lewis MORRIS, Governor... 500 pounds... 7 May 1743. ... Volkert DOUW...
obtained license of marriage for himself and for Altie POLHEMUS of Som't afs'd, spinster... [w]
Tho's BARTOW Sec'y

FHLC 0888703; Vol. D (1736 - 1791) [total of 421 bonds] #051 - #100
#051; Adrian DOW of Essex County, turner, and Auri (Awry) KING of the same county, mason...
[bound to]... Jonathan BELCHER, Governor... 500 pounds... 9 Feb 1748. .. Adrian DOW...
obtained license of marriage for himself and for Mary KING of Essex County, spinster... [w]

FHLC 0888706; Vol. M; 1735-1794 (602 bonds) #001-#050
#012; Samuel MINOR of Somerset County, weaver, [and] Volckert DOW of Somerset County af'd,
yeoman... [bound to]... Lewis MORRIS, Governor... 500 pounds... 9 March 1740. ... Samuel
MINOR... obtained license of marriage for himself and for Anna DOW of the County of Somerset
af'd, spinster... [w] Nich's BUD, Jno BARTOW

FHLC 0888701; Vol. A (1736-1792) [# 1 - # 50]
# 41; Derrick (Dirck) ATON of Hunterdon County, Yeoman and Folkert DOW (Volikert
DOUW) of Som't Co. ... [bound to]... Jonathan BELCHER, Governor... 500 pounds... 16
Aug 1749
.. Derrick ATON... obtained license of marriage for himself and Ariantia LONGSTREET of
Hunterdon County, spinster...
[witness:] blank

FHLC 0888706; Vol. M; 1735-1794 (602 bonds) #201 - #250-Witnesses
#246; Ephriam (Ephraim) MANING of the County of Midlesex*, & John DENTIN (DENTON) of the
County of Somerset*... [bound to]... William FRANKLIN, Govenor... 500 pounds... 25 Oct 1763.
.. Ephriam MANING... obtained license of marriage for himself and for Sarah MARTIN of the same
place, widow... [w] Aar:n DOW, Micajah HOW (is this Dow too)

FHLC 0888705; Vol. I, J, K; 1711-1790 (K3D #254 - #445; 1735-1790); #311-#370-Witness
#359; George KING of the County of Hunterdon, and Andris (Andries) JOHNSON of the County of
Sussex... [bound to]... William FRANKLIN, Governor... 500 pounds... 4 July 1770. ... George
KING... obtained license of marriage for himself and for Phebey JOHNSON of the County of
Sussex... [w] Tho's VANHORNE, John DOW

NJ Source Records 1600-1800 FTM CD# 518--Marriage Licenses
John Dove, Woodridge Aug. 10, 1754 Eunice Dennis-Piscataway
Michael Layer Mar. 13, 1758 Elizabeth Dove both of Middlesex
Joshua Lee-Middlesex July 28, 1739 Hannah Dove-Monmouth
John Buckalew-Amboy Dec. 25, 1731 Isabell Dove
Adrian Dow Feb. 9, 1748 Mary King both of Essex
Volkert Douw May 7, 1743 Altie Polhemus both of Somerset
Samuel Minor Mar. 9, 1740 Anna Douw both of Somerset

Sussex Co., NJ- Marriages
Joseph Chambelin Dec. 17, 1814 Mary Dow

Somerset Co., NJ--Marriages
John Van Nest Apr. 26, 1803 Mary Dow
Peter Dow Dec. 8, 1805 Margaret Todd
Falkerd Dow Feb. 12, 1823 Catharine Van Dyke
Folkert Dow Oct. 29, 1803 Margaret Nevius
Fulkert Dow Feb. 18, 1830 Harriet Moffet
Henry Dow Aug. 30, 1854 Teressa Danbury
Henry Dow Dec. 31, 1874 Elizabeth Teeple
Jacob E. Dow Jan. 3, 1867 Elizabeth P. Smith
James Dow Feb. 11, 1860 Elizabeth Jones
John Dow Feb. 6, 1856 Keturah Ann Bush
John Dow Oct. 16, 1873 Elizabeth Crawford
John Hardenburgh Dow Aug. 6, 1814 Katy Wagner
Oscar Dow Nov. 28, 1852 Margaret Gaddis
Peter Dow May 10, 1835 Rebecca Perry
Peter V.N. Dow Jan. 14, 1865 Mary Jane Brokaw
William Dow Oct. 8, 1825 Catherine Brown
William K. Dow Mar. 27, 1852 Hulday Stites

Somerset Co. Marriages 1795-1879
Henry Dowe Oct. 24, 1811 Betsy Van Tin (Hardenburg)
John Dowe Dec. 27, 1801 Polly Skillman (Schureman)

MISC NJ Marriages
Johannes Douwe Dec. 1, 1740 Elizabeth Joralemom they lived in Berge, NJ at the time

RDC New Amsterdam NY Marriage Index-Groom Banns Married
Michael Augustus & Maria Douws 1748 July 15 1748 July 17
Andries Douw & Adriana Van der Graaf 1708 Feb. 13 1708 Feb. 29
William Douw & Margrita Gerbrants 1748 Apr. 16 1748 Apr. 21
Lovis Joriszen & neeltje Douwens 1650 Jan. 9 N/A
Lowys Lanszen Lowys & Aeltje Douwens 1654 May 20 N/A
Johannes Williks & Margarita Douw 1704 Feb. 11 1704 Mar. 10

RCD Albany NY Marriages-Groom Married Banns/Lic/Reg.
Gerardus Beekman & Anna Douw 1761 June 3 Lic.
Johannes M. Beekman & Elisabeth Douw 1764 Jan. 21 Lic.
Abm? Douw & Lyntie Wenne 1730 Jan. 6 Lic. they have a "?" by Abm.
Abraham Douw Catharina Lansing 1761 Nov. 23 Lic.
Andries Douw & Elsje Hansz 1697 June 24
Andries Douw & Catharina de Foreest 1767 Jan. 23 Lic.
Cornelis Douw & Catharina V. Schaik 1773 June 6 Lic.
Folkert Douw & Anatje Wendel 1757 Nov. 19 Lic.
Hendrik Douw & Neeltje Meynderts 1697 Oct. 3
Jonas Douw & Catrina Van Witbeek 1696 Apr. 24
Jonas Volkersz Douw & Magdalena Quakelbosch 1683 Nov. 14
Petrus Douw & Anna Van Renselaar 1717 Oct. 8 Lic.
Pieter W. Douw &Rykje Van Schaick 1762 July 21 Lic.
Volkert Douw & Rachel Bogaert 1752 Apr. 19 Lic.
Volkert P. Douw & Annaatje de Peyster 1742 May 20 Lic.
John de Peyster Douwe & Deborah Beekman 1787 Dec. 23 Banns
Volkert Douwe & Margarita Van Tricht 1701 Nov. 16
Geysbert Fonda & Elsje Douwe 1753 Oct. 6 Lic.
Johnannes Gansevoort & Maria Douw 1750 Dec. 2 Lic.
Harmen Ganzevoort & Magdalena Douw 1740 May 29 Lic.
Herman Hofman & Catharina Douw 1771 Jan. 11 Lic.
John Nieukerk & Dorothe Douw 1719 May 18 Lic.
Hendrik Oothout & Lydia Douw 1765 July 12 Lic. m. on 1765 Sept. 9
Dirk Ten Broek & Annatje Douw 1761 Nov. 25 Lic.
Hendrik Ten Eick & Margarita Douw 1767 May 22 Lic.
John Ten Eyck & Maria Douw 1782 Jan. 20 Banns
Henricus Van Dyck & Margarita Douw 1752 Dec. 21 Lic.
Henderick J. Oothout & Folkerse Douw 1684 Apr. 30
Henry Van Renselaar & Rachel Douw 1765 Nov. 17 Lic.
M. Veeder & Elyz Douw 1733 Dec. 19 Lic.
Jonas Witbeek & Dorothee Douwe 1728 Dec. 27 Lic.
Stampshite Woods & Ann Douw 1803 June 12 diff. rec.
Sybrant Dow & Lyntie Ten Eyk 1794 Mar. 31 diff. rec.

Karen L. Day
Bloomingdale, Passaic Co., NJ
Researcher/ Archivist-Old Butler-Bloomingdale Cemetery

Morris Co., Passaic Co., and Bergen Co., NJ


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