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From: "Dennis Dover" <>
Subject: RE: [Dover] DNA
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 12:33:45 -0800
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This may not sound significant, but I think it is and one good reason why we
need a web site. Seeing the DNA results presents a visual picture of the 12
marker versus the 25 marker tests along with the comparisons with others
taking the test. There's examples at FamilyTreeDNA. The 12 marker tests do
not provide the same potential "relatedness" as the 25 marker test. I know
for example that someone two "distances" from me is not related so far, but
may be after the 25 marker test is completed. My results page does not show
them. Max and Edward are right in-between the two of us on the numbers so
they are related to the same person one distance away that I'm not related
to yet.

We really need a website setup to display the DNA results which requires a
domain name registration. Websites incur monthly fees, need to be
designed/setup and maintained. There is apparently "free" web space
available, but I personally have a problem with that because of spam.
Nothing is "free." I've read that Yahoo is apparently one of the two worst
offenders in selling e-mail addresses who link to their sites to spammers.

I don't think that a web page for the DNA results would require much storage
space so the monthly cost should be minimal. I think that the DNA results
could be routinely uploaded in PDF format but suspect that the site needs
some additional web design.

This all seems to point to a one person responsibility ... setup,
maintenance and expense. Can it be shared by more than one person? Any
ideas, suggestions or corrections?

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Subject: Re: [Dover] DNA

How can we see a chart of the results from everyone tested? I have no idea
what is going on and can't seem to find any way to compare the numbers ...
or even to view them. I've not had this with my other lines that did the

Is it only me having this problem? What am I doing wrong???


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