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Subject: Re: [DVHH] Kopf Ancesrty - Trenton, NJ
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 18:01:56 -0400
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Melanie -- I'm hoping that Dennis Bauer might have some information.

In the meantime, Dave Dreyer has created a database of Banaters, etc.
taking from manifest records. Here are records that might pertain to your
KOPF Anton -[K100 ]- Age: 18 -From: Segenthau
-DtAr: Wednesday, 20 Mar 1907 - To: New York, NY -Via: Bre/NY -Ship:
Kronprinz Wilhelm
-Note: Born in Segenthau. Going to join cousin, Johann Frei.

KOPF Barbara -[K100]- Age: 31 -From: Werschetz
-DtAr: Wednesday, 22 Oct 1913 - To: Chicago, IL -Via: Bre/NY -Ship:
Friedrich D Gr
-Note: Accompanied by son, Johann 6, both born in Warschetz. Father, Franz
Ruckert, lives in Werschetz. Going to join husband, Johann Kopf. Previously
lived in Chicago, 1909-1912.

KOPF Barbara -[K100 ]- Age: 48 -From: Segenthau
-DtAr: Thursday, 23 May 1907 - To: Trenton, NJ -Via: Fiu/NY -Ship: Slavonia
-Note: Accompanied by kids, Georg 8 and Anna 2, all born in Segenthau. Going
to join husband, Josef Kopf.

KOPF Elise -[K100]- Age: 46 -From: Tschakowa
-DtAr: Friday, 21 Nov 1902 - To: Baltimore, MD -Via: Bre/Bal -Ship: Hannover

KOPF Johann -[K100]- Age: 42 -From: Winga
-DtAr: Wednesday, 2 May 1906 - To: Philadelphia, PA -Via: Fiu/NY -Ship:
-Note: Accompanied by wife, Rosalia 36. Going to join cousin, Adam Wagner.

KOPF Mathias -[K100]- Age: 17 -From: Temeswar-Mehala
-DtAr: Tuesday, 21 May 1907 - To: Philadelphia, PA -Via: Bre/NY -Ship:
-Note: Born in Temeswar/Mehala. Going to join uncle, Josef Mueller.

KOPF Michael -[K100 ]- Age: 15 -From: Segenthau
-DtAr: Tuesday, 22 Aug 1911 - To: New York, NY -Via: Bre/NY -Ship: K Wilhelm
D Gr
-Note: Born in Segenthau. Mother, Barbara Kopf, lives at Segenthau 34. Going
to join father, Michael Kopf.

KOPF Michael -[K100 ]- Age: 32 -From: Segenthau
-DtAr: Wednesday, 24 Apr 1907 - To: Trenton, NJ -Via: Fiu/NY -Ship: Pannonia
-Note: Born in Segenthau. Going to join uncle, Johann Kopf.

KOPF Michael -[K100]- Age: 36 -From: Glogowatz
-DtAr: Tuesday, 22 Oct 1912 - To: Chicago, IL -Via: Bre/NY -Ship: Main
-Note: Born in Glogowatz. Accompanied by wife, Magdalena 30 and kids, Johann
11 1/2, Magdalena 10, Theresia 4 and Michael 3. Wife and kids born in
Baumgarten. Father, Michael Kopf, lives at Baumgarten 28. Going to join
cousin, Johann Heiberger. Last residence, St Leanyfalva

As you can see there is at least one record of Kopf's going to Trenton.

Let me know if any of this information appears familiar or useful. I
believe there are several mentions of Johann Kopf ... he might be the link
to your Nicholas.


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> Attention Dennis Bauer with the Trenton DS.
> Welcome to our list Melanie...
> Jody
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> Susan
> First I want to THANK YOU for getting back to me so quickly. Yes my
> great grandfather was born 1888 sorry about the mistype.
> Ok here is where I have checked. I have check the census records. I
> have access to them thanks to a lady I know in NY who gave me her library
> card to use.
> My great grandfather Nicholas Kopf made his home in Trenton New Jersey.
> I have this information from my father's cousin who is still living and
> who has also provided me with copies of the headstones for Nicholas, Johan
> and Barbara. If there is anything else you need please let me know.
> Melanie
> Susan Williams <> wrote:
> Hi Melanie,
> Welcome to the list.
> Let's see - your great grandfather was Nicolas Kopf born Nov 11, 1888 - I
> think you wrote 1988 -- but 1888 makes more sense.
> I have a few questions -- I did find some Kopf's in Dave Dreyer's
> manifest
> list ... but no Nicholas.
> Did Nicholas Kopf come to America? Where did he settle in America?
> I have access to census records, etc. so I could do a look up for you.
> Have you found any other documentation for Nicholas or Johann?
> Any census records or birth records for children?
> Let's see if I have it correct.
> Nicholas Kopf b. 1888 married to Frances Ruff
> Johann Kopf b. 1860 married to Barbara Matzer b. 1865
> Nicolas Kopf b. about ? maybe about 1840 if this is the father of the
> above
> Johann ... married to Veronica
> Get back to us and we can give it a try. Susan
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> Subject: [DVHH] Kopf Ancesrty
> > Hi! I am new to the list and just figured out how to send an email to
> the
> > list. I have come to a stopping point in my geneological research
> because
> > i cannot find any other leads. I wonder if someone would be so kind as
> to
> > possibly be able to help me in any way. my great grandfather was
> Nicholas
> > Kopf born November 11, 1988. Before my grandmothers passing she said he
> > was born in Hungary but due to dimentia she couldnt remember where. He
> > was married to Frances Ruff also born in Hungary. Her parents are
> unknown
> > to me. My great grandfather's father was John or Johan Kopf also born
> in
> > Hungary. His birthdate was April 18, 1860. He was married to Barbara
> > Matzer also born in Hungary on April 13, 1865. I have only last names
> > for Barbara's parents. Mother's maiden name was Gaug according to the
> > copy of the death certificate i have. Now John or Johan's(the spelling
> > was changed) father was also Nicholas Kopf(if i remember correctly
> > children were named after family members)
> > anyway Nicholas was also born in Hungary. I dont think he ever came to
> > the United States. Nicholas' wife was Veronica...maiden name unknown...
> >
> > I hope I have given enough information for someone to help me so to
> send
> > in in the correct direction. I would like to thank anyone who may be
> > able to help.
> >
> > Melanie Stinson
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> "Reply-All" to the DVHH list and give a thank you to the one who provided
> information for you. The acknowledgement is appreciated and offers hope
> to others who are searching for clues to the lives of their ancestors.
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