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Subject: [DVHH] Fw: Name Changes - Nationality, citizenship, ethnic origin
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> Susan and Alice,
> There are numerous reasons for the "cover up" as there always are. One of
> them was the Western Allies courting Tito afterwards when he made his
> break with the USSR which was one of the chief reasons why the Red Cross
> did not act quickly enough so that thousands of the children who had been
> taken out of the camps and raised as "Serbs" in State homes in Yugoslavia
> could be re-united with their surviving parent or parents in Germany and
> Austria who had been POWs or were sent there after being in slave labour
> camps in Russia. It took these parents years to find out about the fate
> of their children and in spite of all of their efforts, it was only in the
> 1950s when the Red Cross finally acted and sent investigating teams to
> find them because up until then they indicated to the parents that Tito
> had assured them that all of the Danube Swabians had been evacuated and
> none of them existed in Yugoslavia after 1944. Miraculously some of the
> older children who "remembered" their idenity were eventually reunited
> with their parents. Some 5,000 out of an estimated 30,000 to 35,000.
> Siding with or sympathaizing with German populations regardless of where
> they lived was not popular at the time. The only person in the world who
> publicly protested the "humane transfer of German populations in Eastern
> Europe", was Albert Schweitzer when he received the Nobel Peace Prize and
> made that the major content of his acceptance speech. But by then who was
> listening? This is only one example of many.
> Henry
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>> << I wonder what the people who lived through those times know? (not
>> including
>> people who are contributing this information to the list) But ordinary
>> Americans, Canadians, Europeans. I suppose this would require reading
>> newspapers of the times, etc. >>
>> Susan,
>> Here in the U.S. I gather it was much the same then as it is now. Those
>> who
>> were in some way connected to the places/people involved sought out
>> information, even thought it was not always as complete or accurate as
>> might be expected.
>> After all, propaganda was a powerful weapon used by every country
>> involved,
>> including the U.S.
>> All letters to and from the homeland were censored during and even after
>> WW2. Since letters arrived riddled with blackened - out (or cut out)
>> words, or
>> sentences, or paragraphs, the writers soon gave up writing anything that
>> might
>> be considered forbidden information, for fear that the letters would be
>> confiscated entirely, or something would happen to their loved ones as a
>> result of
>> what the censors read.
>> Despite this, some information found its way to relatives, one way or
>> another; just not as detailed as they would have liked. One source was
>> the GI's
>> returning home with stories of things they had seen. Many of our boys
>> tried to find
>> our displaced relatives and were fortunate to locate and actually see
>> some of
>> them.
>> But I still remember the anger with which the adults spoke of Tito and
>> the
>> Partisans.
>> Alice in Michigan
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>> "Reply-All" to the DVHH list and give a thank you to the one who provided
>> information for you. The acknowledgement is appreciated and offers hope
>> to others who are searching for clues to the lives of their ancestors.
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