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From: "Emma & Rudy" <>
Subject: Re: [DVHH] [Announcement] Long Time DVHH Contributors Recognized!
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 17:56:25 -0500
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Greetings !
Sometime in the past if I can recall correctly, May 30th/05 in an E
MAIL message to Alex , I during my earlier participation on the DVHH made an
observation pertaining to Alex,s role and contribution to the DVHH
However now that I have been a member for the better part of one year I can
heartily agree with Jody,s and all the other commendations given to all
three stalwarts of the DVHH.
Diana , Nick , & Alex.
Here is what I said at the time re: Alex , which I now know applies to all
" Being a recent subscriber and participant to the DVHH List , I can see
you do much towards it,s success. It amazes me of the number of subjects,
enquiries, and the variety of other matters which are referred to you for
clarification and answers. It strikes me as though you are a custodian of
Donauschwabian History beingan information source akin to the "
Encyclopaedia Brittanica "
Need I say more ? No of course not. I,m sure you all agree.
Best Regards - Rudy
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Subject: [DVHH] [Announcement] Long Time DVHH Contributors Recognized!

> Attention: At this time I'd like to recognize three of our long time
contributors to the DVHH project, who have through the years worked hard to
develop much of the contents at our website. Their endeavors as active
Resource Contributors and Mentors are appreciated and we love them for their
dedication. I had to do a lot of digging to find their contributions (there
were are so many)! While creating an index for each, I wondered how they
find the time to do all they do! Perhaps these compiled list will surprise
even them. I am pleased to present to you the following three people and
their valuable contributions for us and future generations to follow:
> Diana Lambing -
> Alex Leeb -
> Nick Tullius -
> We appreciate all three of you. Thank you!
> Jody McKim
> DVHH Project Coordinator
> *****
> "Reply-All" to the DVHH list and give a thank you to the one who provided
information for you. The acknowledgement is appreciated and offers hope to
others who are searching for clues to the lives of their ancestors.
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