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From: Nancy Fredenberg <>
Subject: Re: [DVHH] [Announcement] Long Time DVHH Contributors Recognized!
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 14:44:40 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

Dear Jody,

Im so glad you had the idea to index the contributions of these VIPs in our organization. As members of the Admin Team, we may sometimes take these three a little for granted isnt that the way it is sometimes with those closest to you? (We dont mean to!)

Especially now, as our website expands and we begin to add the work of many new contributors to our growing online repository, it is very fitting that we take the time to recognize Diana & Alex as founding members, and Nick who has been with the project almost from the start. All of them spend untold hours reviewing & preparing content, greeting & assisting researchers with information, and in their spare time, making decisions on administrative matters.

Their collective body of work constitutes a major part of our DVHH site and we owe each of them a huge debt of gratitude.

With kind regards,

Nancy Fredenberg

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>Subject: [DVHH] [Announcement] Long Time DVHH Contributors Recognized!
>Attention: At this time I'd like to recognize three of our long time contributors to the DVHH project, who have through the years worked hard to develop much of the contents at our website. Their endeavors as active Resource Contributors and Mentors are appreciated and we love them for their dedication. I had to do a lot of digging to find their contributions (there were are so many)! While creating an index for each, I wondered how they find the time to do all they do! Perhaps these compiled list will surprise even them. I am pleased to present to you the following three people and their valuable contributions for us and future generations to follow:
>Diana Lambing -
>Alex Leeb -
>Nick Tullius -
>We appreciate all three of you. Thank you!
>Jody McKim
>DVHH Project Coordinator
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