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Hey Mike.? This is Mona (Cody).? I think WAY back your side and my hubby's side connect, but there actually are branches to the tree!

Ernest is Larry's dad.? Ernest is in Jay, OK. Wade, Larry's grandpa, b: 1882 (or 1888) in VA.? His parents were James , b: 08/15/1870; m: Elizabeth Jane Roberts, b: 05/26/1872 VA.? Jame's parents were Hiram Harrison Dollarhide, b: 1845 in VA.? His mother was Mary Polly Kilgore, b: 1841 in VA.? Hiram Harrison's father was Hiram Dollarhide, b: 182 in VA.; m: Malinda Sturgill, b: 1820 VA; Hiram's parents were John Dollarhide, b: 1782 in Scott Co, VA; m: Jemima Osborne, b: 1883 in VA.

There is a HUGE problem on the age of Wade's parents, their wedding date vs. his birthdate.? IF the birthday of Wade is 1882, his parents were only 12 and 10 at the time of his birth.? The 1882 date is STUCK in the family mind.? However, the 1888 date makes more since because they married in 1887 and would have been 19 and 17.? The only confirmed data I have basically is they moved to MO and then to OK.? I have found their graves in Oklahoma.?

Somewhere, I have the brothers and sisters of most of those listed above; I can look for them.? The only "hint" of American Indian comes from a lady who sent me some very good info from Wise County VA.? There is mention in a place or two that they could have mixed with the Mulugens (I know I spelled that wrong, but that the way is sounds)...Wise County VA has excellent references to the Dollarhides.

Larry has kin in TX, OR, WA, CA, UT, - actually any place you can name out west.? Also, there is a Dollarhide hunting lodge in AL.? I can send you what I have on the Choctaw reference, I believe it was the Ashel one that married into them....or one of his family from ARK.

I'm sort of rusty on this right now.? I do have a lot of material though.?

So, what'd ya think?

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OK Cody, so lets see how far back we go.
My Mom was Mary Alice Dollarhide,her Brother was Ernest, her folks were Ulyssus
and Alice Dollarhide, then on to John And Nancy, and then James and Sarah then
Asahel and ? then John and Nancy and on and on all the way back to Francis who
was the immigrant ancestor. John Dollarhide was a Revolutionary war Veteran and
is buried on land that is owned by the Dollarhide rod and Gun club around
Lufkin, Tx. John and at least two of his sons arrived in Arkansas before 1825,
before that they were in Tennessee, Kentucky,Texas and Louisiana, there have
been Dollarhides and related families there ever since mostly in the South West
part of Arkansas. The last of my line to reside in Arkansas departed in the
1930s' headed for California, they made it as far as Kingman Arizona, and are
there today. How about You?

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