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From: Christopher Beal <>
Subject: [R-M222] Dohertys in M222 table (McLain)
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 17:21:34 -0500

I am the McLain in the middle of the large group of O'Dougherty septs
in the M222 worksheet. For a long time I thought my ancestors were
Scottish planters because of their name and that they were Church of
Ireland in the late 1600s but I must look at the big picture here and the
fact that I'm M222 and regardless of distance I match many O'Reillys,
O'Byrnes, O'Donnells, Gallaghers, Galyeans/McCallions/Campbells (may be all
related), Fannings, McGoverns aside from the O'Doughertys.

Bob Doherty suggested adoptions which I found is most likely the case,
and the fact that many people back then were "fostered" by families if a
parent died and took other family names. Shane O'Neill the King of Ulster
was known for a time as John Domhnaill because he was brought up by a
Donnell family. I must also add that the earliest place I find my
ancestors is outside Dungannon, Tyrone in the 1663 Hearth money rolls, an
area that was set up for subtenants that were "servitors and native Irish"
and had a very small settler population by that time, and the written names
were mostly "McOlane".

For my genetic proximity to the O'Doughertys, I figured there had to be
some type of fostering or adoption pre-1600. I have a few theories on this
but only one would connect me directly to the O'Dochartaigh.

1. My ancestors may have assimilated into the Maclean gallowglass families
that came into Tyrone in 1567 under the Ui Niall who became known as
M'Ellane and M'Allane.
2. My ancestors may have assimilated into a native McErlain family who I
found were inhabitants of Derry/Tyrone in the 17th century.
3. My ancestors may have descended from Ailean O'Dochartaigh, a chieftain
whose children were known as "Mac Ailean" and "Mac Ailin". There is some
confusion here because this family would have been M222 meanwhile there
were MacAllen/MacAilin Gallowglass from Scotland in the same area who also
undoubtedly would have assimilated with the native people. The septs of
both of these families would be names like McAlane, McCallane, Macillane,
etc and easily turn into "McLain" in a time when things were being
anglicized. I'm not sure which or both of these families became "Clan
Ailin" of Inishowen.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be glad to hear them!

Chris Beal

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