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From: Christopher Jacques <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Dohertys in M222 table
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 17:47:53 -0800
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Hello Bob,

The branches of the Dohertys also include McDevitts, Cafferkeys and McConnellogues, and their many spelling variants.
And probably several other surnames as well.
I am not sure how my Connell family fits in (kit 179948, tested R-M222), but it seems premature to exclude folks based on the FTDNA GD.
What is THE Doherty modal? I have not seen it defined on the Doherty Surname Project pages.
A "more defined set of participants" may make for an interesting study, but additional participants and inclusion of more surnames , however inconvenient, will probably be more enlightening in the long run.
Thanks for the good work.

Chris Jacques

On Jan 7, 2012, at 11:55 PM, Bob Doherty wrote:

> I have noticed a lot of messages referring to the Doherty Y-DNA markers
> recently. So I thought I would join in since I have been working with
> others on the Doherty Surname Project.
> There are 155 Y-DNA participants in the Doherty Surname Project. Half of
> the 155, or 77, are not related per FTDNA standards (based on genetic
> distance depending on the number of markers tested). When I say not
> related, I mean they do not match up with the Doherty Modal (or base
> haplotype) - i.e. genetic distance greater than 7 at the at the 67 marker
> level.
> Of the 77 participants who do not 'relate' to the Doherty modal, all but 13
> have a Doherty (or variant) surname. Of the 78 participants who do relate
> to the Doherty modal, 9 do not have a Doherty surname (NPEs, adoptions,
> etc?). So the surname project participant pool is a mixed bag of markers.
> I think the discussion about the "purity of y-chromosomes in clanns" in
> Digest Vol 6. Issue 3 (and earlier) supports that even those with
> significantly different Y-DNA markers can be members of a clan, but not
> directly related by descent from the founding male of the clan. I remember
> a discussion at one of the O'Dochartaigh reunions in Buncranna about the 7
> races (branches?) of Doherty's.
> I have been trying to follow along with what members of the M222 discussion
> group are trying to achieve regarding TMRCA. So I took a look at the M222
> table just before the new one was posted and noticed the following:
> In the M222 table there are 55 Doherty, O'Dogherty, Daugherty, Dougherty,
> Doritty, Docherty (all valid variations of Ui Dochartaigh). However 14 of
> the 55 fall into the 'not related' group (genetic distance greater than
> FTDNA standard). At the same time there are 26 Doherty project participants
> who should be in the M222 data set, but are not.
> Is it worth the effort to update the M222 data to reflect a more defined set
> of participants who line up with the Doherty modal? If you want to make
> that happen, let me know who I have to work with.
> Bob Doherty
> Doherty Surname Project Co-Administrator
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> http://clanmaclochlainn.com/R1b1c7/
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