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Subject: Re: [R-M222] Dohertys in M222 table
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2012 21:38:27 -0500 (EST)

In a message dated 1/8/2012 1:56:39 A.M. Central Standard Time,

I remember
a discussion at one of the O'Dochartaigh reunions in Buncranna about the 7
races (branches?) of Doherty's.

I think that's probably a reference to the branches of the O'Dochartaighs
in the O'Clery genealogies.

Genelach .H. Dochartaig (the main line)
Muintir an Chaisleain Nui (The People of Newcastle)
Dochartaig Glinde O Ccanann O'Dougherty of Gleann O'Gannan.
Do Mhuintir an Glenda Cettna (Of the people of the said Glenn)
Dochartaigh Thuaithi Cranncha (O'Dougherty of Buncrana)
Muinter Insi (The Family of the island of Inch)
Bresalaigh on Dumhaigh (Breasals of the Caves)
Bresalaigh Beos (Breasalaghs Still)

An English document of the early 1600s gives much the same branching with
some differences.

The country of Enishowen is divided into three parts, viz.

Slught Brian
Slught Donnell

The people are divided into septs...
The chief septs are these:

Sliocht Brian (the chief thereof is commonly chosen O Dohirty)
Sliocht Donnell (Whereof at this time is chief Hugh Boy mc Cahir)
Sliocht Brasleigh (whereof is chief Neale Oge)
Sliocht Shane (whereof is chief Neale Crone)
Sliocht Phelim (whereof is chief Shane mac Feradaigh)
Sliocht Rossa (wherof is chief Feradiagh mac Cahir)

I agree with others on this list that following FTDNA's "relatedness"
guidelines is too restrictive. I've seen related clan groups with GD's as high
as 8-9 at 37 markers. 5-6 seems to be about the median.


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