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From: Bernard Morgan <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] analysis
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 17:01:35 +0000
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> ln(257/89)/.022 = 48.2
> ln(257/18)/.046 = 57.8
> and concludes that the two answers are within his error margin, so he's
> happy to proceed.
> Exactly what this has to do with a Poisson distribution is a mystery to me,

Have you read his other paper "DNA Genealogy, Mutation Rate, and Some Historical Evidence Written in the Y-Chromosome: I. Basic Principles and the Method'?

He refers to a logarithmic approach where transition of the base haplotypes into mutated ones is described by first-order kinetics ln(B/A)=kt, which is a Poisson distribution.

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