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From: Jerry Kelly <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] MacLysaght and Woulfe and Mac Firbhisigh
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 11:42:39 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks, John. And good point about O'Hart. It was a massive work, but (in my opinion) badly misguided in trying to translate all Irish names to English phonetic gobbledeegook, thereby breaking the clear, easy link with the past. I wonder whether that contributed to its mistakes. In the last week or so, Gerry Hoy and I found another one. In reality, the Mac Duinnshléibhe sloinne / surnamed family descends from the Ó hEochaidh sloinne, but O'Hart had it the other way around.

Many thanks for showing us Mac Firbhisigh's Leabhar na nGenelach on-line. I did not know it was there. I'm amazed by the quality of the photos, excellent condition of the manuscript, and beauty of Mac Firbhisigh's handwriting. You can see how carefully he prepared his work for the printing press at Louvain. Too bad they didn't go forward with the project. Buíochas le Dia that we have it finally now in the De Búrca edition (2003) so we don't have to go nuts with the nodanna (shorthand).

Le gach dea-ghuí / Best,

Treibheanna Éireannacha

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> Subject: Re: [R-M222] MacLysaght and Woulfe
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> But,  from what I can tell, however, MacLysaght did
> not have ready access
> to   Leabhar na nGenelach (The Book of
> Genealogies) by Dubhaltach Mac 
> Fhirbhisigh.  He could only get at parts of it through
> O'Donovan's TRIBES  AND
> FIACHRACH.  After  waiting for
> 350 years, Mac Fhirbhisigh's great work was finally
> published by  De Búrca
> Books in 2003.  So, when Woulfe and MacLysaght
> disagree on a  family origin,
> I go to Mac Fhirbhisigh to see who's right.
> The MacFirbis genealogies have been online for quite a
> while.   
> Un-translated of course with a weak index at the end. 
> Not for the faint of  heart.
> _http://clanmaclochlainn.com/macfirb.htm_
> (http://clanmaclochlainn.com/macfirb.htm)
> I read a  story once that said that MacLysaght had a
> copy of O'Hart's Irish
> pedigrees  open on his desk at all times. 
> I  don't know if that's true or 
> not.  It was not comforting to hear.
> John
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