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Subject: Re: [R-M222] Keilty surname research
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 20:15:12 -0400
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The Griffith's Valuation is now on-line at AskAboutIreland.com which seems
to be a group of libraries and associations with an interest in genealogy.

You used to be able to save an image of the actual page, but it's a Flash
pop-up now. You can though, print it and if you have a PDF printer driver,
you still can get the image.


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I wonder if the CD is missing Tyrone. In the Griffith's search I did, the
highest concentration of the Keilty spelling was in Tyrone - 21 of 58 hits
altogether. Some of these may be the same person occupying different lots
but it seems odd not to have any of them there in the Tithe Applotment

I don't have a good feel for the accuracy of the Tithe Applotment CD.
It's published by the same folks who put out the Griffith's Valuation CD,
is the source for most info on the Griffith's found on the internet. I do
know from personal experience that the Griffith's Cd is missing material,
sometimes even whole parishes. I assume the same is true for the Tithe CD
but I don't know for sure.

I just re-checked the CD. I missed a variant, Keelty. There are
another 8 of these in Tyrone, from different parishes, a lot from Kildress
parish. That's the only difference I see though.


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