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Subject: Re: [R-M222] Keilty surname research
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 11:05:03 -0400
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I wonder if the CD is missing Tyrone. In the Griffith's search I did, the
highest concentration of the Keilty spelling was in Tyrone - 21 of 58 hits
altogether. Some of these may be the same person occupying different lots
but it seems odd not to have any of them there in the Tithe Applotment

You can search Griffith's for free at the 'Ask about Ireland' website. I
like the link to the maps and the record images.

John Carey

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Hello, I just joined the list and figured out how to browse/search. I am
new to DNA as well. I am really just a lurking sole who doesn't know what
to do with all of the dna info as of yet. FTDNA tells us customers to read
the tutorials. I have been researching Keilty family history for just a few
years here in the USA (paperwork genealogy).

Bernard, your DNA shows quite a few off modal markers. That should make it
easy to find other matches within your surname group should any appear.
The problem is I only see one Keilty in the databases now - that's your own

Off modal matches refer to differences between the overall M222 group modal
and your own DNA. You can easily check this yourself in a spreadsheet by
comparing your own DNA to M5UKQ, which is the M222 modal on Ysearch. Modal
just means the most common result at any given marker.

Just to name a few:


There may be more. I didn't check each location. But that already is a
lot at 25 markers.

If you're wondering about matches with other surnames through DNA that's
problematical. We have lots of family modals and some cluster modals in
the project involving more than one surname. But most are just family

<I am interested in researching how far back the Keilty surname goes.

For an answer to that you need to do research in Irish history. I looked
up the surname Keilty in MacLysaght's Surnames of Ireland and found a few
vague references which eventually led me to Quilty - but the Quilty
references were mostly Munster (Limerick), Connacht, Down and surrounding
counties, in short it's a surname with multiple origins. Unfortunately
Tyrone is something of a black hole in Irish genealogy - there are no 1659
census returns and the Hearth Money records are spotty and difficult to
find (I now the LDS have some on microfilm).

The earliest records I can check for you are the Tithe Applotment Books
which precede the Griffith's Valuations. These returns are from the CD
which is notorious for missing records.

The variant Keilty appears in Down (10), Antrim (3), Armagh (1). Two more
variants in Down (Keiltie).

The variant Keightly appears in Tyrone (3) Two in the parish of Arboe, one
in Ballinderry.

Archy Keightly
Steward Keightly
Saml. Keightly

The variant Kielty appears in the same counties (Antrim, 3), Armagh (1),
Down (1), Londonderry (1)

I think these are all variants of the same surname. But I don't see any
large concentration in one location except perhaps Co. Down. And even
there it's not large.

I only see one possible variant in the 1660 Heath Money Rolls for Antrim,
a Kittelly, Abraham.

The variant Keightly as found in Tryone appears to be an English surname.
It's found in Ulster, lowland Scotland, northern England and all over


There simply isn't a large enough concentration in Ulster in any one
location for me to think this is a native Irish sept. But that could be

I do not see any possible Keilty variants in the 1659 census returns for
Antrim, Down or Armagh.


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