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From: tuulen <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Keilty surname research
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 16:50:24 -0400
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Hi, Bernard,

I am new to DNA-based family research, too.

DNA can reveal many clues leading to useful information, but the immediate
difficulty is that nobody's family name has DNA. History books can tell us
about ancient families, their names and the general area where they lived,
but, because names have no DNA, discovering any connection which may or may
not exist between any of our names and those names of the past becomes a
matter of developing a well researched and accurate paper-trail based on the
best information available.

Then, as you may already know, individual and family records often can be
found, both in Ireland and in the US, from about the mid-19th century and
later, but earlier than that time becomes more random and records which do
exist sometimes can be confusing or misleading. And going back a few
hundred years could in many cases be extremely difficult or impossible.

That is a fact which we all face. It is worthwhile to keep searching, but
be prepared for difficulties, to the extent of being big challenges. For
instance, my cousin is our family's historian, and it has taken him now more
than 14 years to discover when our great-great-grandfather was born, but we
still do not know where he was born.

I wish you the best of good luck in your search!


On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 1:52 PM, Bernard Keilty <> wrote:

> Hello, I just joined the list and figured out how to browse/search. I am
> new to DNA as well. I am really just a lurking sole who doesn't know what to
> do with all of the dna info as of yet. FTDNA tells us customers to read the
> tutorials. I have been researching Keilty family history for just a few
> years here in the USA (paperwork genealogy).
> I am trying to identify accurate information about the Keilty family from
> Ireland.
> I do know that my paternal great-grandfather "Michael Keilty" was supposed
> to have come from County Tyrone, Ireland and immigrated to the USA abt 1860
> settling in Watertown, County Litchfield, Connecticut, 06795 USA. Michael
> Keilty was born 15 AUG 1838 (Tyrone?) Ireland, died 08 MAR 1923 and buried
> Mt St James Cemetery, Watertown, County Litchfield, Connecticut, 06795 USA.
> Possibly from the parish of Kildress and diocese of Armagh. Michael was
> Catholic and his parents are possibly Patrick Keilty (1810-) and Catherine
> McShane (1818-) from Ireland.
> Michael Keilty (1838-1923) married Sarah Quinn (1854-1927), but it is not
> known whether married in Ireland or the USA. They had nine children and
> raised their family in Watertown, County Litchfield, Connecticut, 06795 USA.
> I am interested in researching how far back the Keilty surname goes. Some
> of the other surnames of interest from the paperwork genealogy include
> Keilty, McShane, Quinn, Kelly (from County Roscommon, Ireland), Dubauskas
> (from Lithuania).
> If anyone could kindly point me in the right direction or refer me to
> someone it would be greatly appreciated.
> I would be pleased to provide any further information.
> Bernard Joseph Keilty Jr.
> R1b1c7 Research and Links:
> http://clanmaclochlainn.com/R1b1c7/
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