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From: Bernard Morgan <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Question about patronymics - MacAoidh
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 14:22:28 +0000
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Interesting, I had read that the Mackays of Ugadale had no connection with the Mackays of Strathnaver? Though the pedigrees I have found make both branches from Aodh mac Gallbairt. I also came across an Ulster family of MacAoidh called MacKey.

> On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 6:23 PM, Craig McKie <> wrote:
> > My given surname is McKie. This was originally Macaoidh in Gaelic. The
> > seminal historical man was one Aie MacEth, rusticated from Strabane to
> > the coast of Sutherland sometime near the end of the first millenium
> > or so it is said. Nevertheless I was once berated by a woman at the
> > Gaelic Society in Inverness for not adopting the 'official' anglicized
> > spelling, MacKay.

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