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From: "Marie Kerr" <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] 111-Marker results
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 07:59:34 -0400
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Thank you!!

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Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 2:51 AM
Subject: Re: [R-M222] 111-Marker results

Hello Marie

[1.When the kit name is in the same row as itself, Column E, "GD over
111 markers" always = 0. I think I get that.
2.The last column, F, "Number of off-modal matches over 111 markers"
has a value (my father's = 8), but I'm not sure what this means. Could you
please explain this?]

The file is essentially a comparison of each testee's 111-marker results
with each other testee's results (including a testee's own results). I
thought of excluding the comparison of each person with himself, but decided
to leave them in, because in such cases column F gives that person's
'misses' with the M222 modal, which I thought might be interesting.

For example, column F for James Golden, has the value 8, which means he has
8 mismatches with the M222 modal.

The word modal is used to describe the most common value in a haplogroup, or
a sub-clade like M222, of all the markers. So the M222 modal starts off:


The reason for distinguishing between an on-modal match and an off-modal
match, is that on-modal matches are common, whereas off-modal matches occur
far less frequently, and should therefore be more helpful in recognising
likely kinship. This is particularly so in M222, where a very high
proportion of testees are on modal.

[3.Does column E (GD over 111 markers) suggest the order of presumed
consanguinity between my father and the other person? For example, is
Coyne, Kit # N32460, the closest relationship to my father? Its value = 9
and the next one = 13.]

The files has been sorted on column A, then within column, on column B, then
within that, it is sorted on column E, which is the GD. The idea was to sort
in order of 'relatedness', although a GD on its own is just a rough guide.
Useful, but not conclusive. So yes, Coyne N32460 is probably (but not
definitely) the closest relation to your father. Bear in mind though, that
there is only one solitary off-modal match with Coyne N32460 (column F), so
the relationship looks distant. How distant is difficult to tell, since
research on how to interpret 111-marker results has really only just begun.

[4.What is the relationship between columns E and F? Does the "GD over
111 markers" (column E) of the person next to my father refer to the
differences between my father and the other person or is it just associated
with that person?]

The GD's are the differences between two people. Columns E & F have no
direct connection with each other in the sense that that a high value in E
doesn't necessarily mean a high value in F. However, a high value in F
suggests that the value in E has probably underestimated the relatedness
between the two people, whereas a low value in F suggests that the degree of
relatedness is probably overestimated.

[5.I assume a "9" in column E trumps a 13, but what is the difference
between a 15/0 vs. a 15/2 in columns E and F? in this example, the15/2
comes before the 15/0, so I'm wondering how to interpret this.]

Yes, a 9 suggests a closer relationship than a 13. Also, 15/2 is closer than
15/0, but I didn't go as far as sorting on column F, so the fact that the
list shows 15/2 before 15/0 is probably just a co-incidence. The feeling I
get when doing this kind of analysis is that there's not much difference
between 15/0 and 15/1, and it's really only when you get to 3 or more
off-modal matches that things become interesting.

I hope this helps.


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Subject: Re: [R-M222] 111-Marker results

Thank you; this looks very interesting. However, I don't fully understand
the meaning of the table:

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