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From: "Marie Kerr" <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] 111-Marker results
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 20:20:13 -0400
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Thank you; this looks very interesting. However, I don't fully understand
the meaning of the table:

1.When the kit name is in the same row as itself, Column E, "GD over
111 markers" always = 0. I think I get that.
2.The last column, F, "Number of off-modal matches over 111 markers"
has a value (my father's = 8), but I'm not sure what this means. Could you
please explain this?
3.Does column E (GD over 111 markers) suggest the order of presumed
consanguinity between my father and the other person? For example, is
Coyne, Kit # N32460, the closest relationship to my father? Its value = 9
and the next one = 13.
4.What is the relationship between columns E and F? Does the "GD over
111 markers" (column E) of the person next to my father refer to the
differences between my father and the other person or is it just associated
with that person?
5.I assume a "9" in column E trumps a 13, but what is the difference
between a 15/0 vs. a 15/2 in columns E and F? in this example, the15/2
comes before the 15/0, so I'm wondering how to interpret this.

Some of our group are so profoundly experienced in all of this that they may
forget that the newbies/less academic among us are not up to their level of
understanding. If you can shed light on the linked 111-marker results I
would greatly appreciate it.

Marie Golden Kerr (on behalf of James J. Golden, kit #35946)

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Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 5:54 AM
Subject: [R-M222] 111-Marker results

I've just done an update of 111-marker results for M222 and have posted a
file at


It's a comma-separated file that uploads into Excel.

The columns are


Kit number


Kit number

GD over 111 markers

Number of off-modal matches over 111 markers

There are now plenty McGonigals and variants, and I see there's a Fuller
that seems quite close to them. This time I've included Hannan, and instead
of excluding Burns because of the null value for one of his markers, I've
changed the zero to 11.

Apart from Fuller, there may also be a link between McKenzie 26794 and
McGonigal from pre-surname times.


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