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From: Allene Goforth <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] New Tactics
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 05:28:52 -0700
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Hi Doug,

Thank you for sharing your interesting story. I am not a bit surprised
to hear that there are Irish Morrisons. I would have been surprised in
pre-DNA days though because I grew up around Scottish Morrisons. DNA
testing has shown over and over again just how diverse those old clans
really are. It's exciting to watch their true history unfolding little
by little with DNA testing. I'm glad you found a match to someone with
your surname. My brother (a MacPherson) was tested over 6 years ago, but
matches McInnis instead of MacPherson (via I think the first marriage of
my g-g-g grandmother and a later marriage and informal adoption of
children by a MacPherson). The Macpherson project has everything from
M222 to African American to Viking, and so on.

BTW, about that Niall of the Nine Hostages icon on your personal page,
have you tried clicking on it? It will open into a new window with
background information on the Trinity College study. M222, however,
appears to predate Niall.


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