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From: Bernard Morgan <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] Highland Papers
Date: Fri, 13 May 2011 21:45:09 +0000
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Another 19th century book of mentions Colin Maol Maith-Good bald's death around 1105-7. References have been added (in 2001?) saying that this supported by the Red Book of Meneith (published by Fraser in 1880). Though I cannot read the charters shown in the google online version of Red Book of Meneith .

"ARGYLSHIRE, A Contribution to Argylshire History, Being a Monograph Sketch of the SWEYNES OF SKIPNESS and the MACTAVISHES OF DUN-ARDRIGH, KNAPDALE, AND ELSEWHERE, their Ancestors, and descendants" By G. D. Mathews, D.D., L.L.D.

Colin MacDuine of Lochow, (Colin Maol Maith-Good bald Colin) the head of the Clan MacDuine, (through a marriage connection with which the family known as the Argyll Campbells became land owners in Argyllshire) enabled King Alexander the First, when disguised as a peasant, to escape from Dunstaffnage Castle1 during its siege in 1110 AD. Slain on the capture of the fortress, he had been married to a niece of the King, by whom he had one son, Gillespick. On her death he married (1105-1107 AD) a daughter of Sweyne2 of Skipinche or Skipness Castle3 in Northern Kyntyr 4, having by her two sons, Taus or Tavis and Iver. From the former of these the Clan MacTavish claims descent5 6 and from Iver- a Scandinavian and not a Celtic7 name, the Clan MacIver Campbell of Asknish in Glassarie claims descent.8 9 It is thus that J.F. Campbell in his "West Highland Tales" says: "The Clan MacTavish is a branch of the Clan Campbell"10

2 SCBA, pg. 3 – The Red Book of Mentieth places Sween’s seat as Skipness Castle in Knapdale. If also mentions a daughter of this House marrying Colin MacDwine of Lochow in 1105, their son Tavish Corr being the founder of the Clan MacTavish. Rotuli Scotorum refers to Sween as “Thane of Argyll and Glasserie. The Red Book of Mentieth (Vol. I, p. 40) further states. …”during 1124 and 1153 A.D. the Earls of Mentieth had been appointed to have jurisdiction in Kyntyr and Cowall, up to that period, then, Knapdale belonged to the Sweynes.: (Acts, 1, p. 372)

The red book of Menteith, Volume 1 by Sir William Fraser - scanned back to front

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