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From: "Don Milligan" <>
Subject: Re: [R-M222] New M222 Philogenetic Tree
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 15:13:39 -0700
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Geetings! Is the "one Mcdowall", a Galloway Mcdowall ?

thanks, don milligan

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Subject: Re: [R-M222] New M222 Philogenetic Tree

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I was wondering why some M222 McDowell are not in the Philogenetic Tree? I
found three McDowell in ysearch that tested positive for M222 but are not
in the Philogenetic Tree. Their ysearch User ID's are NAZGR, WHZDM and
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Bill just used samples from the M222 project in his chart. There is only
one McDowell in the project.

I've also noticed in going through the project list that quite a few
surnames are sparsely represented if at all, especially among the Connachta
in Ireland. I see one McGovern sample although I know there are lots in
their project. Only two Gallaghers. No O'Donnells. I also know there are
M222 McDowell samples at FTDNA and Ysearch. I see only one Kennedy sample.

We've been pretty passive about recruiting surnames into the project,
relying on testees to find us and join. In the early days of M222 we had
some interested project admins. who talked their M222 membership into
joining (especially Dohertys, McLaughlins and Ewings). I think some of us
were worried about overloading the project with certain surnames.

Maybe we should do more recruitment.


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